Welcome to our range of VIP flowers.

This delightful range of flowers is both our most popular range and our most exciting. The range features a large array of discounted bunches that can be purchased with a 15% discount. You can redeem your discount on the checkout page of our website, just on the right side of the page under the product you are purchasing.

All the flowers featured here come as a bunch therefore it's worth noting that the vases you see in the product images are for display purposes only. If you would like to purchase a vase you can do so after you have added a product to your shopping cart, our vases start at approximately $20.

Our VIP range features flowers that cross all occasions and we would like to start with our featured product today which is called our VIP Bright Bunch. The VIP Bright Bunch features a lovely mix of gorgeous and bright seasonal flowers that are just as appropriate for a birthday as they are for an anniversary.

So what is a bunch of flowers compared to say a posy?

We are really glad you've asked that question and the simple answer is that a bunch of flowers is generally wrapped in colourful paper, that usually suits the occasion the flowers are being sent for, and then the flowers are wrapped in ribbon that also happens to suit the occasion. For example, if the flowers are being sent for an anniversary it's likely that the colour of the ribbon will be dictated by the colour of the flowers and in this case it's most likely going to be a pink colour. We advise buying a bunch of flowers when you know that the recipient has the ability to get the flowers into a vase as soon as possible. A posy on the other hand is far more delicate and a lot smaller, they do make a great gift, and also make lovely displays for tables say at a birthday lunch.

Another bunch of stunning VIP flowers we would like to mention,and recommend, is our Lily and Rose Bunch which we are proud to say is our most popular product of every flower bunch we sell in this flower category. This is a gorgeous bunch of flowers features medium standard roses and an extremely generous serving of white lilies matched perfectly with garden fresh green foliage. With your discount of 15% you can buy this today for $63.75, which we think is a total bargain!

All the flower bunches you can see in this category are available for same day delivery to all locations including private homes, local businesses, and local hospitals. If you would like to send a same day flower delivery please ensure that you order your flowers before around about 2 p.m. the day you would like them delivered. If you are wanting to send them on a Saturday you must order them before 10 a.m. so that we have time to get them delivered for you.

So what are you waiting for jump in now and order one of these stunning bunches of flowers for someone you love or care about today.