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  • Lily Posy

    Lily Posy

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  • Florist's Choice Bunch With Free Chocolates

    Florist's Choice Bunch With Free Chocolates

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    Colourful Bunch With Free Chocolates

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    Native Arrangement With Free Chocolates

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    Blush Pinks Arrangement With Free Chocolates

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  • Bright Bunch With Free Vase

    Bright Bunch With Free Vase

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    Natives With Free Vase

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  • Simply Stylish With Free Chocs

    Simply Stylish With Free Chocs

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    12 Red Roses With Vase Special

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Wow! No one has ever sent me flowers before. The fact is women love flowers, and they appreciate the person that sent them. Lily's Florist is just the ticket you need.

Can you just picture the young single guy desperately trying to order that perfect floral arrangement for a hot date?

On the other hand, can you imagine the married guy with his ‘usual habit’ of getting the same flowers every time? Nonetheless, giving flowers to a woman will definitely put you in her ‘favorites bookmark,’ would it not?

The point is, my friend, you will score even higher points with her if you show you have put some research and effort into buying her flowers. But get this, you don’t have to go bankrupt trying to impress your woman, but you really should go to a reputable local florist. Flowers purchased from a quality florist should convey the message that you took your time, and it was not a last-minute decision. 

So, when is the best time to give flowers to your loved one? Well, ah … anytime! Anytime, that is, if it’s spontaneous! How many times would florists hear the remark: “If I give her flowers as a surprise or impulsive gift, she’ll think I’ve done something wrong?” 

Why would you not give her flowers because you care? And want her to know you care? Did you know women like to get a surprise with flowers? It does not have to be a frequent event, but the occasional, thoughtful gesture is very much appreciated.

Hey buddy! How about that first date? If you bring flowers on that first date, it would be a thoughtful gesture, right? But just remember guys, don’t go overboard – keep it simple, but avoid those cheapies! Try to look for a fairly elegant bouquet of just one type of flower, like some bright colored sunflowers or gerbera daisies. These two options are fun and bright, with no pressure. 

Perhaps you may wish to give her some roses, but for that first date, they may be a little too soon. Once you’re dating for some time, then you can splash out with your beautiful roses!

Now maybe, during your random conversations, your lady has mentioned her favorite flower? Please take note, and keep it in mind – right? 

Well, well, well! Have you been a ‘bad boy’ lately? It’s sometimes hard to say ‘sorry,’ but sending flowers may be just the right ‘tension-eraser’ to get you out of trouble. Flowers alone will not do the apologizing for you though, so a simple message card should do the trick. 

Wha! Argh! What sort of flowers can I send? I hear you ask? 

Her favorite flowers! Have you forgotten already? Otherwise, try a delicate mixture of colorful and bright flowers. That may soften the blow … Oops! But whatever you do, don’t buy those droopy roses from the convenience store counter. 

Now, what if someone sends you flowers … Uh! No one’s ever sent me flowers before! Actually, flowers are not really a guy thing, are they? How should you react? 

Ohh … alright … you sorta like flowers, because you like sending them and you like looking at them, okay? So, why should you not take it as a beautiful, thoughtful gesture?

Right, let’s stop a moment here and talk about flowers and women. For starters, women all over the world like wearing flowers in their hair. Truly, it is one of the oldest natural embellishments. A simple hair style can be transformed into an amazing creation by the delicate beauty and perfume of a flower, and they also give out a message!

In the late 1800s, Queen Victoria made the wearing of flowers very common. At that time, a meaning was given to each flower; and would you believe, dictionaries were used to translate exactly the description of each bloom?

Can you remember the 60s? When flowers were used to express their linking to nature; made symbols of love and peace by the ‘flower children?’ And have you noticed the lady of the South Pacific Islands wears a single flower behind her right ear to signify she is still single? And a flower behind the left ear suggests the lady is married or taken? 

Flowers of choice for these South Sea Islanders are hibiscus, gardenias, or at times, the use of the tiny, but delightfully scented tuberose is used. 
Weddings, obviously, still make use of flowers, as noticed recently at the wedding of Prince William and Kate. And guess who stole the fashion limelight? Why, none other than the bride’s sister, who wore a cluster of Lily of the Valley flowers, snuggled into her hairstyle. 

Now, my fine floral friends, let’s peruse some of the meanings of popular hair flowers. We’ll begin with:

• Daisy = Purity and innocence
• Gardenia = Secret love
• Ginger = Power or strength
• Hibiscus = Gentle attractiveness or compassion
• Jasmine = Sensuality
• Lily of the Valley = Re-occurrence of cheerfulness
• Plumeria = Excellence
• Apricot Rose = Longing, humility
• Pink Rose = Respect, contentment
• Red Rose = Desire, love
• White Rose = Pureness, spiritual love, secrecy
• Tuberose = Forbidden pleasure

I can already see the confusion in your eyes, so I shall endeavor to explain a little further, shall I?

Take for instance carnations. In general, they signify passion, fascination, purity and innocence. After all, it is the recognized national flower of France, and as yet no one actually knows where the carnation first sprouted up, but as early as 300 BC in ancient Greece, it was identified as the ‘divine flower.’ 

Have you noticed it in some religious paintings of the Virgin Mary? Yes, the carnation was the Virgin Mary’s symbol in the 13th century. And yes, it all began in 1907, when the carnation was chosen as the floral symbol for Mother’s Day!

But not to put too gloomy a picture on the scene, I have to mention one aspect of the flower, where during the French Revolution, condemned nobles wore red carnations as they were led to the guillotines! Wow! What a thought.

However, this beautiful red carnation is used worldwide today for a host of occasions. With endless color choices, they are usually available all year round. 

But we can’t keep quiet about the rose. Why? Because everyone knows roses are popular, so let’s have a short history lesion first. 

Roses are recognized as being native to the west side of the United States. Fossils of roses have been unearthed in Montana, but in all parts of the world, there have been records throughout history. 

The Romans used roses at festivals, with the petals being mixed with wine for that ‘Rose’ flavor, while guests were showered with rose-petals for a warm welcome.

Aah! Can’t you feel that wonderful sensation of the celebration of love that the rose has symbolized over the centuries? Did you know Cleopatra kept pillows filled with roses in her boudoir where she once received Mark Anthony? And the room was filled knee-deep in petals? Wow! Yes, the rose is recognized around the world for its beauty and scent. 

Now listen up, folks! Before you send roses, each different color has a different meaning – yes siree! 

• Red: I love you
• Pink: Elegance, grace and happiness
• Yellow: Friendship
• White: Purity and innocence
• Orange: Desire and enthusiasm
• Lavender: Love at first sight or enchantment
• Peach: Sympathy, modesty and sincerity
• Black: Death
• Champagne: Lasting beauty

What are flowers all about – really? Like, what does the flower Lily of the Valley truly mean? Well, it indicates a return to happiness. If you give a bouquet of Lily of the Valley to someone you care for, it should convey to them the message that you are now happy because of him or her. Known for its sweet perfume to its soft pink color, the Lily of the Valley starts to bloom in early spring. 

To bring a legend into the framework, the Lily of the Valley sprang from the tears of Eve, after she was evicted from the Garden of Eden. It is also known as the ‘ladder to heaven,’ because of the bell-shaped flowers spilling down to the stem.

The Lily of the Valley is native to Europe, and in France, it is used to celebrate May Day. Actually, this flower is used in numerous festivities. 
Obviously, renowned for bridal arrangements, this beautiful flower is often seen as the bride’s bouquet, and many famous celebrities have been photographed wearing such beauty.

There stood Barbara Streisand with her gorgeous gardenia, combined with the lovely delicate bloom of the Lily of the Valley to create that stunning white bouquet. 

The Lily of the Valley was combined within the bouquet of yellow Mountbatten roses, stephanotis, orchids, gardenias, and freesia for the adoring Princess Diana; and now Kate Middleton has renewed the fragrant blooms of the Lily of the Valley back into popularity. When Kate walked down the aisle with Prince William, her wedding bouquet consisted of hyacinth blooms, and of course, Lily of the Valley.

Camilla Parker Bowles also used the Lily of the Valley in combination with the white, purple and yellow primrose, when she married her Prince Charles.

Now we come to the daffodil, signifying respect and admiration. Native to Europe and the Mediterranean regions, the daffodil is known as the narcissus and the jonquil. 

The skins from the bulb of the daffodil were used in ancient Egypt to place over the mouth, nose and eyes of mummies. Did you know Ramses II was buried with daffodils around his neck? No? I didn’t think so.

Now, remember the legend of Narcissus? That young guy that fell in love with his own reflection in the water? He was so infatuated with his own image that he rejected Echo the nymph! Sheez! What a smuck! Well, this ‘narcissistic’ clown fell in the water trying to kiss his own image and never came up! But guess what? The daffodil came up out of the water instead!

But the true love, virtue and innocence of the daisy achieves the significance as the ‘day’s eye,’ meaning the sun. Try to picture the lover plucking the petals from the daisy saying those famous words: “He loves me? He loves me not?” 

Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, and the mythological Norse, the goddess of love, beauty and death, all believed the daisies were considered sacred.

During the middle ages, a Knight with two daisies on his shield meant he was the victor of a certain lady; and a lady during that era wearing a crown of daisies, signified she had not yet made up her mind about a certain Knight!

One can observe daisies growing wild in meadows and fields, giving some gardeners the excuse of claiming daisies as weeds. However, a daisy flower bouquet is truly a pretty sight!

The gardenia, originally from China, is also known as ‘cape jasmine.’ It has been reported that the gardenia was named after a physician from Charleston, South Carolina, Alexander Garden.

In the 19th century in England, men wore a gardenia on the lapel of their formal evening wear, believing it to be a sign of good luck. Perceptibly, the fragrance of the gardenia makes it a popular ingredient for many expensive perfumes.

What is a freesia, I hear you ask? Firstly, the freesia originated from South Africa, and signifies a symbol of trust, friendship and sweetness. It is virtually a newcomer to the western world and was almost unknown until the 50s, but in some regions, it is now one of the most sought-after of the cut flowers. Its fragrance and delicate blooms can be linked to its popularity.

Now we come to the iris flower which is generally thought to represent faith, wisdom and hope. Being native to Syria, it was imported to Egypt at approximately 1500 BC, and was used in religious rituals, and was also used as a medicine.

The French use the iris to improve some of their wines; the Germans use the root in some of their beers; the English use the iris to flavor brandy, and the flower is also used in the cosmetic industry in Italy. 

Finally, as quoted by Alan Bennett: “If you think squash is a competitive activity, try flower arranging!”

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