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Lily’s Florist will help you in achieving that “wow” moment with its floral gifts?

Yes, we certainly can, whether you are looking for exotic flowers, Christmas flowers, red and loving roses, terrific and romantic tulips, lilies, lasting carnations, sunflowers, garden-fresh freesias, stunning table arrangements or sunny gerberas, you will discover them all in our online store at Lily’s Florist. As an online florist, we are in the business of assisting you to choose a flawless gift. So, for your one-stop-shop for all your gifting needs, why not order same day flowers online, or give one of our many in house flower experts a call today, we have a free call number that you are able to use, the call is on us :).

Passing on emotions can be difficult, but we are here to help. We can provide a number of convenient tips in your free gift message card that we attach to your bouquet. So why not check out our floral gifts section where you will appreciate great value flower arrangements on floral bouquets from your very own online florist, Lily’s Florist.

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Lily’s Florist is one of Australia’s leading online florist networks which ensures that when you order any floral arrangements online, they will be carefully created, fashioned, and delivered by our expert staff – an experience delivered!

Actually, through our changing seasons, Lily’s Florist as your very own online florist, can offer gorgeous bouquets that are designed by expert florists to charm and delight everyone who has the good fortune in receiving these floral works of art.

We realise that for whatever occasion, when you have flowers delivered, you are permitting someone to know just how much they mean to you, how much you care, so all should be perfect, should it not? The objective of the entire florist team at Lily’s Florist, from the florists who carefully choose and design your flowers, to the shop helpers, who prudently get your flowers ready for delivery, is to make sure that your floral gift will be received with pleasure and delight.

As online florists, Lily's Florist thinks that we can offer an absolute individual flower buying and receive experience and if, at any of the week, you are on the hunt for that gift that is just a little special, then our vast band of flower experts will be more than happy and willing to professionally arrange the most ideal flower bouquet for you. Just call our flower experts team and explain to them what you require when it comes to flowers, or request for some ideas, and then you will discover how talented and committed we really are in creating the gift of flowers which you really dreamed of.

Whether the flowers are for a jubilant occasion, such as a birth or a wedding, or for unhappy times when lovely compliments or condolences are required to to show or at least visually display your feelings of emotional loss, you may always depend on our team to look after your concerns and requirements with the highest compassion and sensitivity.

Lily's Florist delivers same day affordable flowers around Australia but also deliver same day flowers online to Indonesia, the USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. They are able to deliver fabulous flowers on the next day all over Australia, implying that flower are a great way to show you love, to show that you really care about someone, or simply just becasue you can spoil someone.

Surprise your friends and family all around the world with gorgeous, fresh flowers whether you need to send flowers to any state in Australia Lily’s Florist, your online florist is here to deliver your profound wishes.  Make your recipient smile with a free personalized card message. We also can have your delivery a special one with our available extras such as balloons, teddy bears and/or chocolates.
Now, is today a special day for someone? Give that perfect gift for such an occasion; we have a huge selection from plants, gift baskets, balloon bouquets, fresh-cut flowers and much, much more. Whether you are looking for Congratulatory Gifts, Birthday Gifts or Sympathy arrangements, we have only the finest quality florist in your area that can create any bouquet arrangement you order.

Would you believe, here at Lily’s Florist you can find a stunning hand-arranged, fresh-cut floral gift starting at only $29.99 and available for same-day delivery! Just place your order by 2:00 pm and one of our professional florists in that area will arrange and deliver your bouquet just the way you want it!

It’s a given! We are totally committed to commerce and trade in flowers, encompassing flower care and handling, floral design and flower arranging, display and online florist deliveries. So, when we say we love what we do, we certainly love the art of creating flower arrangements in bowls, vases, baskets, boxes; making bouquets and structures from cut flowers, herbs, grass foliage and other plant materials.

The terms ‘floristry’ and ‘floral design’ are considered identical. And this is where we come into the picture as arranging of flowers so they can remain fresh as long as possible, and can then be available for purchase. Simply because we have the knowledge of your requirements and expectations, we then have the ability to create a variety of floral designs such as bouquets, corsages, wreaths, boutonnieres (buttonholes), permanent arrangements and other more complex floral gifts.

Keeping up with our floral history/trivia, the floral trade has a substantial market in the social and corporate world of events, by way of flowers playing a big part in the decoration of special meetings and events. Entryways, reception tables, centrepieces, bridal bouquets, wedding stage sets are only a few examples of how flowers are used in the social and business event settings. Flowers are also customarily used in religious settings, and their preparation is often done by skilled church volunteers.

Many countries have their own typical stylishness of floral arranging. This is reliant on what flower variations are readily available and the culture of that country.

Today, florists in Japan also sell pre-arranged or done-while-you-wait ikebana to go.

Ikebana is a style of floral design that was instigated in Japan. Best known for its effortlessness of form and line, the design style of Ikebana is mainly accomplished for personal pleasure. It has three measures of alignment: man, heaven and earth.

A traditional English form of floral design is the English Garden style. This is where stems are positioned in a radial fashion and display a plentiful use of seasonal flowers and foliage. These designs are frequently made into small, tufted mounds, or as a taller vase arrangement that is all-sided (360°), and include garden flowers like camellia, roses, delphinium, gardenia, and peonies. The flowers are typically arranged with negligible space amongst the blooms and greenery is used to enunciate the flowers, because of them being the main feature.  

Modern/European style floral design comprises modern, linear designs that focus on distinctive forms of both specific floral materials and the designs themselves. Arrangements normally display little space and include irregular placement of flowers. This style stands in direct contrast to the outmoded radial preparations such as the English Garden. Modern designs are recognised by their use of space between each bloom, which can often be intense, and the use of different textures and colour can at times, be quite experimental.

These modern/European style designs often include exotic, unique or tropical flowers such as Protea, Orchids, Anthuriums and Bird of Paradise, but may also have more conjoint blossoms, such as Gerberas, Roses and lilies.

Study has shown that people feel more empathetic towards others, they are less stressed and feel much happier when fresh cut flowers are near. Yes, it is a fact that fresh flowers boost energy, feed kindness, and improve enthusiasm and happiness.

Until now, it is considered that not all flowers are created equal. When you select fresh flowers from Lily’s Florist, you will discern an enormous difference that consists of new, state-of-the-art floral gifts including celebration flowers, child-friendly bouquets, and normally a fresh viewpoint on how flowers are displayed so we help spread the ‘pleasure.

When you visit your online florist at Lily’s Florist, shopping for the likes of freshly picked flower bunches is only the beginning of your wonderful experience. We have an astounding array of same day flowers onlime that goes far and above quality to offer you a fresh outlook on the way flowers and floral gifts are packaged and presented.

Now, my friends, are we feeling romantic? Perhaps we may be a little off, or things are a little rough, and you need to say apologise’? How about the desire to make someone you totally love grin from ear to ear? Maybe you’re looking for a lovely corporate flower gift to go into an office, or something for your employer’s wife?

We’ve got bouquets, posies and arrangements to suit your every mood, your budget and your event. All those entities are different, but they all have one thing you are aiming for: Contentment!

Imagine how much joy you could produce if your special recipient received fresh flowers from Lily’s Florist. So, go on, help make that someone special beam today!

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