VIP Roses And Gerberas Arrangement

VIP Roses And Gerberas Arrangement

Who would refuse glorious, colorful, passionate array of flowers with the strongest colours?

Our VIP Roses and Gerberas Arrangement is the best; if you need a change of white flowers or classic red roses, this is the perfect choice for you.

When you look at it at first, you will be reminded of different colours of candies and sweetness of youth. It radiates memories of youthful days filled with happiness and everlasting love.

The arrangement features cute pink roses with pastel bright border, also lovely pink roses, gerberas in hot pink and some smaller asters that are the perfect shade of bright purple as a sky after a sunset.

The whole arrangement is marvellous and emits the strongest of emotions. It is set in a box so this makes it convenient to instantly place it in any spot you want to.

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