Lily’s Florist is a flower delivery service, an online network florist, who is proudly partnered with over 900 florist shops Australia wide. We are Australian owned and operated, and have been sending flowers since 2009.

Each florist partner of Lily’s Florist has a very close relationship with local growers and suppliers, so your flowers may literally come from paddock to posy, and go directly to the recipient you are sending flowers to. Some flowers need to be imported like red roses or tulips but, in most cases they are grown in Australia. 

By choosing Lily’s Florist your flowers will be prepared by a real florist shop, from someone who has been fully trained in floristry, who employs local staff and couriers.

What Do Some of Our Competitors do?

Some of our competitors portray themselves to be partnered with real florist shops but they are not. They promise same day delivery, but in most cases they cannot. 

The reason for this is that they have warehouses in selected city centres, they buy flowers in bulk from offshore, often 3rd world country suppliers, the flowers are prepared in a production line of sorts, essentially by factory workers, with little to no floristry experience. They just follow a recipe without any creative flare or input. Then, if for example you are sending flowers to Taree in NSW, the flowers will come from Sydney, the flowers will be wrapped, boxed, then they sent with Australia Post to the recipient - not the same day, and usually the flowers are severely damaged by the time they arrive.

Further, some competitors don’t take inbound calls, they have no contact number, there is very little or no post-order support. Lily’s Florist is contactable by phone, live chat, or by email 6 days a week by a highly trained, expert team.

How Does Lily's Florist operate?

Not unlike Airbnb for example, Lily’s Florist acts a little like a marketing gateway between you, the customer, and our florist partners. Lily’s Florist connects flower orders with partner shops located all over Australia. We take orders, we send them to shops, Lily’s Florist does all the customer service surrounding an order, we take calls advising what flowers to order and much more. This means that it leaves time for the florist to focus on what they excel at, and that is crafting and delivering the most gorgeous flowers!

Where Did You Get the Idea From?

The family who owns Lily's Florist bought Kingscliff Florist in Far Northern NSW in 2007. They delivered flowers locally for some time but, time and time again refused orders that fell outside their delivery area. After around 6 months of struggling they decided to start developing relationships with florist shops outside of Kingscliff in closeby places like Byron Bay, Ballina, Murwillumbah and even Coolangatta and Tugun so that if someone called looking to send flowers to those areas, they could get them done for the customer and hence, the idea was born.

How Does Lily's Florist Get Orders?

Lily’s Florist has a number of landing pages that target areas in Australia, based upon, generally, where the parter florist is located or, in some instances a delivery zone that the partner florist can deliver to. Most partner florists tend to be able to deliver up to 30 kilometres from where their shop is located.

Orders are generated from existing customers searching for Lily's Florist, organically (Google or Bing Search and other similar search engines), through Google Ads, and Microsoft Ads. Once the order is placed it hits our partner network database and is then distributed based upon the recipient postcode to the relevant florist shop.