What Makes Lily's Florist Different

At Lily's Florist, we fully comprehend that positive experiences come from amazing gifts and flowers and that to achieve that that's standard it requires our partner florists to have both a higher level of professionalism and extraordinary intention to flower details.

Every flower gifts that you see across all our categories, and every extra gift that you see then you can buy has been designed in partnership with our professional florist network. By ordering flowers with Lily's Florist, you have a guaranteed freshness and hand delivered flowers and gifts to your loved ones and the ones you care about throughout all of Australia. The Lily's Florist difference effectively means that you can send flowers and gifts knowing you're in really good hands, and many of them.

Florist Partner Network

Lily's Florist has a large collection of professional partner florists located in most towns and suburbs in big cities all over Australia. Unlike other online florists however Lily's Florist has selected only the finest florists to be a part of our network. This means that when you order flowers through Lily's Florist your flowers will be delivered by the best florists in that area. Lily’s Florist does not charge its partner florists any fees as we believe this to be unfair and it also means that you as the customer get far greater value in flowers. Most of our partner florists are award winning and most have a minimum of 10 years’ experience in the industry. 

We Excel At Customer Service

Lily’s Florist has a highly experienced and dedicated team of customer service staff that have been highly trained in the industry, we also have even employed ex florists who have always been welcome and a big part of our team. Employing people like this we believe has given us an edge over competitors and it means that we are truly unique.

Our amazing team of experts can be reached from Monday to Friday 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., and on Saturdays from 7 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Call anyone from our team if you need to buy flowers over the phone, get really good advice about what to buy, We can even it helps you write a gift card that comes with your flowers, or you can just simply give us some feedback on flowers that have been sent previously. Whatever the case you how to be guaranteed the best possible service bar none.

Need help now? Call 1800 466 534 or visit our Contact Us page.

Speedy Checkout

Lily's Florist is the only flower delivery business in Australia that offers a one-page checkout where you don't need to sign up for an account order flowers. We developed that design feature as we began to realise that people ordering flowers are generally ordering them from work therefore they're ordering flowers when they are extremely short of time.

It also occurred to us that people need to sometimes order flowers in a moment where it's not particularly convenient, that is when you're at a desktop computer. So, we decided to build a really cool mobile website meaning that you can order flowers from your smartphone from anywhere in the world with just a few swipes of your finger. We also made this process a one-page checkout realising that time is of the essence when ordering flowers.

Same Day Delivery

Just in case we had made it perfectly clear all our flowers are available for same day delivery, there are only a few exclusions where this may not be the case and that the flowers may need to go on a plane or to it distant remote location. Yes, you read it right Lily's Florist does send flowers to some random Islands off the coast of Darwin and eastern New South Wales, cool ha!

To ensure that you get a same day delivery of flowers, from Monday to Friday, you must order your flowers with us either by phone or by ordering online by 2 p.m. the day of delivery.

We also deliver to the USA, you can visit our partner website here.

Buy Now And Deliver In The Future

The vast majority of people prefer and also need a same day delivery however you also have the ability to be able to order or buy now and deliver at a later date, you can even order 3 months in advance if you feel like it. We must emphasize that there is no extra charges for ordering that fire it in future, she said that was filling out the relevant information about the recipient and yourself and choosing the delivery date.

Loads Of Cool Gifts

Not only do we sell flowers for you also sell a large range of really cool gifts and extras that you can add to your existing flower order. As far as extras go you can order vases, balloons, sparkling wine, red wine, white wine, and all types of balloons, and we can't forget to mention those with a sweet tooth maybe partial to chocolates.

We also stock a large range of gift hampers to suit people who prefer healthy gifts like fruit hampers, we also stock savoury hampers, sweet hampers. All these make wonderful gifts at any time of the year.

There is just one thing we need to point out and that is that if you are ordering an extra it must first be ordered with flowers.

Our Famed Deal Of The Day

If you are unsure what flowers to buy that special something we have designed two flower products that may suit you. The first is our most famous Deal of The Day Bunch which can be purchased for $73.95, and our florist's choice bunch or arrangement which can be purchased for $71.95.

Both of these products have been specially designed targeting people who are unsure what order and would prefer to leave the decision on flowers in the hands of our expert florist. Both these products may also suit people you are simply time poor and prefer a fast buying process.

For speed of purchase these can be ordered via our mobile website to when you are on the run or on your lunch break at work.

Say It All With A Gift Card

When you buy flowers with Lily's Florist we give you the ability to customise your free gift card and give you a gift of flowers a personal touch no matter what the occasion is. You can do this on our super quick one-page checkout Indeed card section. If you need any help writing a gift card for your flowers ensure you check our our free gift card simulator.

What also makes our service unique is that we have listened to our customers and realised that not everyone wants to send a gift card so we also give you the ability to click a button and for us to not send any type of card. Some givers of flowers just prefer to be anonymous, especially for occasions like Valentine's Day.

We are here to provide you miss more than just a platform to order flowers to go to loved ones and friends but we are also here to assist you, if you need any assistance writing a gift card we are more than welcome to help you, just call us.

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