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Sure, you can easily identify which one is a lily from a bouquet of fresh flowers. But can you tell what kind of lily it is? Fragrant, strong, meaningful, and with good vase life, lilies are a popular choice among florists. They’re widely used in flower arrangements because they have a recognisable appearance and are available in different shapes, colour, sizes and patterns.

Discovering the fascinating world of lilies is an enriching experience. From their diverse varieties and captivating colours to their symbolic meanings and ease of cultivation, lilies have captured the hearts of flower enthusiasts worldwide. Whether you're admiring a bouquet of lilies or nurturing them in your own garden, these remarkable flowers never fail to add a touch of elegance and beauty to any setting. Embark on a journey of lily appreciation and explore the wonders that this beloved blossom has to offer with our blog post: What is a Lily Flower.

Lily Varieties

There are approximately 90 species of true lilies that belong to the genus Lilium. The most popular ones are Oriental, Asiatic and Aurelian lilies.

Asiatic lilies are the easiest to grow. They have unscented flowers with facing pr pendant blooms. Auerlians are also easy to grow and feature willowy stems. Oriental lilies have large blooms with strong upright facing flowers. Casa blanca and Star Gazer lilies are among the popular Oriental lilies.

Other common lily varieties are Margaon hybrids or Turk’s Cap lilies, Candidum lilies or Madonna lily, Longiflorum or Easter lily, and American hybrids where Tiger lilies belong.

Lily Colours

Lilies do not only come in different varieties; you can also see them in a variety of colours. This stunning flower has white, pink, orange, red, and yellow blooms. Bi-coloured varieties are also available.

LA hybrid lilies come in a sexy, rich red hue. Canada lily features orange or yellow petals while African Queen lilies grow orange flowers. The Black Spider Asiatic lily sports creamy white flowers with burgundy spots. The Brindisi Longiflorum Asiatic lily, on the other hand, features stunning soft pink flowers with deep pink center.

Lily Meaning & Symbolism

This flower bursts not just with beauty but also with symbolism. Lilies could represent love, fertility, femininity, and unity. Each lily colour also holds meanings. White symbolises modesty and is the perfect choice for expressing sincerity when showing love or sympathy. Pink lilies represent admiration or infatuation while orange lilies signify honor and respect. Red lilies symbolise love while yellow lilies express happiness, cheer and remembrance.

How to Grow Lilies

They may look like fussy plants but lilies are actually fairly easy to grow. Plant them in any soil type under full, part or dappled sun. What’s important is that you plant them as soon as you get them because they can dry out quickly.

Sprinkle organic fertiliser only when the bulbs send up green leaves. Keep the soil moist and cool.

How to Care for Cut Lilies

After receiving lilies, re-cut the stems at a 45-degree angle and dunk the stem tips into a water-filled vase. Keep them in a cool environment out of direct sunlight. Lilies require fresh water so replace the water in the vase often.

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