5 Reasons Why Banana Peels Make Good Fertilisers

Harness the hidden power of banana peels to elevate your gardening! These often-discarded peels are nutrient goldmines, providing an eco-friendly fertilisation solution for plants. With their rich potassium, calcium, and iron content, banana peels can support everything from photosynthesis to disease prevention in plants. Dive into the myriad benefits of using banana peels as a natural fertiliser and learn how this practice is a win for both your garden and the environment. Curious about transforming waste into plant wellness? Continue reading to unlock the secrets of this sustainable gardening gem.

Floral Arrangement Tips - 5 Colour Schemes to Try

Transform your floral arrangements with the power of colour! Delve into a world of vivid tones and calming palettes, discovering colour schemes that can revitalise your designs, making any setting a visual delight. From bold triadic combinations to serene monochromes and captivating contrasts, there's an endless realm of possibilities. Ready to enhance your floral artistry? Continue reading to immerse yourself in the magic of colours.

Heartwarming Message to Go with I Miss You Bouquets

Bridge the gap with expressive floral gifts, eloquently saying “I miss you” when words fall short. From stargazer lilies to pastel-coloured roses, flowers can voice your deep sentiments. Paired with personal messages or poignant quotes, these bouquets can touch hearts, even from miles away. Interested to discover more? Delve deeper into the world of heartfelt floral gifting. Read more.

January Birth Flower

Dive into the charm of January’s birth flower, the Carnation. Each month has a unique bloom, and for January, it's the Carnation, symbolising the traits of those born this month. From its scientific origins to its significance in floriography, discover what this captivating flower reveals about January-born individuals. Intrigued? Read on to uncover more about this floral wonder.

What is a Lily Flower?

Lilies, renowned for their trumpet-shaped blooms and vibrant colours, rank fourth globally in floral popularity. Although enchanting, they can be toxic to cats. They thrive best in well-drained, sunlit areas and symbolise various sentiments, from purity to passion. While many flowers are termed "lilies", true lilies fall under the Lilium species. Notably popular varieties include the calla, tiger, and stargazer lilies. Dive deeper into the world of these captivating flowers by reading the full post here.

Dried Flower Décor

Dried flowers, requiring no water and available year-round, offer a stylish alternative for those who struggle with fresh blooms. These lifeless blossoms, preserved through various techniques, maintain their form and unique allure despite lacking vibrant colors. Depending on the variety, dried flowers can last up to a year when kept away from sunlight and moisture. Ideal for drying are flowers with low moisture, such as everlastings, amaranthus, and globe thistle. These dried beauties can be showcased anywhere, from rustic vases to modern containers, adding texture and drama to any space. Explore the charm of dried flowers and elevate your home's aesthetic. Interested in learning more? Read the full article for a deeper dive.

5 Benefits You Can Get From Online Flower Shopping

Staying connected in our digital age is simple, yet sometimes a text or video call isn't enough. When distance prevents a hug, flowers bridge the gap. Online florists offer a vast array of arrangements for every occasion, providing the convenience of shopping from home, advance orders, same-day deliveries, and cost-saving deals. Conveying feelings through flowers has never been more convenient or meaningful. Connect with loved ones by sending a bouquet today. Read the entire post here, or watch the video below.

Blooms In Style

Florals are the 2017 fashion trend, championed by top designers. Want to rock the look? Mix bold prints with neutrals, add edgy elements, consider flower size, and embrace dark backdrops. Dive into floral fashion with confidence and elevate your wardrobe! Read more on Lily's Florist blog or what the video below!