Feefo Reviews - Lily’s Florist

Recently, Lily’s Florist partnered with one of the only ‘true product and service’ review companies in the world - Feefo. Feefo’s customer reviewing process is so respected that the company has been endorsed by Google, which says a lot about the integrity of their company.

How Does Feefo Work

Lily’s Florist has spent countless hours integrating their system with ours. Meaning, that every time a customer of ours makes a real purchase of flowers, an email form is sent from Feefo asking our customer if they would like to review the flowers that were sent, or the service levels they experienced.

If our customer chooses, without incentive and completely voluntarily, to fill in the form, the review information is automatically uploaded to our review page that sits on the Feefo website. Lily’s Florist has no control over reviews and every customer, whether they order online or over the phone,  is given the opportunity to review our products and services. FEEFO randomly sends a maximum of 300 review emails out per month.


Lily’s Florist partnered with Feefo because of the incredible system they offer their clients, and because of the high level of integrity in the reviewing process. 

Unlike almost every other customer review website, reviews can only be done by people who have truly ordered flowers - whether their experience was good or bad. As mentioned above you are only allowed to post a review post purchase, there is simply no other way.

Putting Ourselves Out There

Signing Lily's Florist up with a company like Feefo is really ‘putting ourselves out there...’. The reason for this is simple, and that is we always want to do better. Better products, better service levels - things we are always striving for.

How Reviews Help

Real and honest customer reviews provide Lily’s Florist with vital feedback on how our business is travelling and, most importantly, it helps us to really learn more about what is going on with our business from a customer's perspective.

Also, real customer reviews are a fantastic, public, forum for us to resolve issues that may arise with a particular flower order. Unlike most other businesses, where perishables are not involved.

Lastly, customer reviews are an not contrived and honest way for our customers to express their opinions on our products and services. This process also gives future customers a way of assessing our products and services prior to making a purchase - thereby empowering potential new customer.

Where you can see our reviews - onsite on Feefo page

The reviews for Lily’s Florist can be viewed on our client page on Feefo.

When you should post a review

  • Post purchasing flowers from Lily’s Florist
  • You will receive an email from from Feefo
  • The email form will be sent to you 3-10 days after your purchase, you can fill in the form any time after that

Why Post A Review

  • You had a great experience on our website
  • You felt safe while using our website
  • The flowers you sent arrived on time
  • The flowers made the recipient really happy - we like hearing these stories
  • Perhaps you chatted with one of our friendly staff members about your order and you were really happy with the service they provided
  • We love feedback - good or bad
  • Your experience with Lily’s Florist didn’t met your expectations

How To Post A Review

As mentioned, our reviews are completely genuine, and only people who have really purchased can post a review. Post purchase, like 10 days, you will receive an email from our review Partner - Feefo. The review will simply ask what your thought of the product you purchased, and the level of service you experienced. It should take you know more than one minute to fill out and send back.