Bestselling Blue Flowers

Just like how blue skies calms your mind and blue seas fills you with joy, blue flowers can also soothe the soul. While true blue flowers are rare to find and the readily available ones only have a blue tinge in them, these blue blossoms are still worthy to be given attention to. Bring them home, grow them in your garden or share their blue beauty with your loved ones.

Lily’s Florist can provide you with beautiful blue flowers for home display or as gifts to family and friends.

Keeping the Blues Away with Blue Flowers

We have bouquets filled with charming hydrangeas in vivid and striking shades of blue. Hydrangeas come in powder blue, sky blue, and bluish purple colours. Send a floral arrangement with blue hydrangeas when you want to wish someone good health or when you want to send positivity to someone’s way.

Also part of our collection are flower arrangements featuring blue delphiniums, clematis, blue-tinged asters, irises, agapanthus, sweet pea and scabiosa pincushion flowers. Our blue floral creations are also perfect for welcoming a new baby boy, for housewarming celebrations, and as a Father’s Day present.

You can also send flower arrangements with blue blossoms to express sympathy and to wish someone peace of mind.

Best Blue Flowers for the Garden

If you’re looking into filling up your flowerbeds with some interesting blue flowers, here are what we recommend:

  • Desert Bluebells
  • Poorman’s Weatherglass
  • Veronica or Speedwell
  • Morning Glory
  • Clematis
  • Brunnera
  • Forget-me-nots
  • Empire Blue Butterfly Bush
  • Cornflowers
  • Sky blue daisies
  • Grape Hyacinth
  • Blue Petunias
  • Blue Phlox
  • Stiff Blue-Eyed Grass

You may also challenge your green thumb and grow rare blue orchids or Bluecrown Passionflower. For container gardening, Siberian Squill’s brilliant blue flowers would make a fine choice.

Now is the perfect time to step away from the typical pink, white and red flowers. Choose blue blossoms for gardening or when sending flower gifts and spread calmness and peace with just their soothing presence.

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