Bestselling White Flowers

A florist’s favourite, preferred for weddings, suitable for any occasion – white flowers’ elegance and versatile beauty will never go unnoticed. Technically, they lack colour but they sure are overflowing with grace and sophistication. So if you’re looking for a tasteful gift for a discerning recipient, just pick a bouquet of fresh white flowers.

The Classic Elegance of Pure White Bouquets

Designed not just for brides and definitely not just for funerals, white flower arrangements are perfect for just about any occasion. The white blossoms’ pure beauty and classic elegance make them suitable for birthdays, for saying you’re sorry, for expressing gratitude or regret, for showing sympathy, and for sending well wishes. 

When used as home décor, white flowers will complement any interior design and will fit gracefully in every room. Their refined charm adds sophistication and drama to any space while their polished look brings a touch of style to any corner. 

The Ethereal Beauty of White Flowers

Good thing we’ll never run out of white flowers. They’re available in almost any flower species and you can find them in every part of the world. Roses, baby’s breath, camellias, calla lilies, tulips, chrysanthemums, orchids, carnations, daffodils, gardenias, hibiscus, magnolias, peonies, lily of the valley, snapdragons, daisies, dahlias, jasmine, and rhododendrons all come in white. 

Also producing white flower is the rare and very expensive Kadupul orchid cactus (Epiphyllum oxypetalum) that blooms only at midnight and perishes before dawn. 

White flowers may not have a bold and striking colour to quickly catch people’s attention but they certainly have an exquisite appeal that draws interest and makes them stand out. No wonder heavenly white blooms are chosen by brides for their big day.

So if you need a flower gift that will stand out from the rest, don’t hesitate to get an all white bouquet. Trust a fresh white flower’s untainted beauty to represent the pureness of your heart and communicate the sincerity of your message. Whether you intend to deliver a message of admiration, love, apology, or sympathy through a white flower arrangement, you can be certain that white flowers will reflect the genuineness of your affection.

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