Bestselling Daises

Noticed how you instantly feel happier when you see a bouquet of fresh Gerbera daisies? These cheery flowers indeed have a positive aura that just spreads sunshine and joy. 

This flower from the Asteraceae family actually features two types of flowers: a disk floret and ray florets. The center of a daisy blossom has the disk florets while the “petals” surrounding the center are actually ray florets. 

Daisies are usually seen in flower arrangements primarily because of their affordability and availability. Their charming looks, vibrant hues, and shape also complement any flower making them a versatile bloom perfect for any kind of flower arrangement. 

Popular Daisy Varieties and Colours

The word daisy typically denotes the classic daisy flower with yellow center and white petals. But daisies go way beyond that. Numerous species and varieties of daisies are present and they come in every imaginable colour, size and shape. 

The English Daisy is the common daisy. It is the iconic daisy with bright yellow center surrounded by white petals. The English Daisy also come in red and pink.

Another popular daisy variety is the Gerbera daisy. This well-loved cut flower is commonly used in wedding flower arrangements and bouquets. Gerbera daisies come in both bold and pastel colours; blazing red, shocking pink, bright orange, soft yellow, light purple, peach and off-white – gerberas has cool and hot colours to suit any type of floral ensemble. 

You may have also seen African daisies. These are perennial daisies with a compact “eye” in the center usually in brown, gold, green or pink. Most African daisies come in solid purple, red, orange, white, yellow and pinkalthough some feature an almost tie-dye effect. 

Daisy Meaning & Symbolism

With their humble, happy-looking appearance, daisies in general symbolise energy, positivity, and happiness. They also stand for innocence and purity. In Norse mythology, daisies symbolise childbirth, new beginnings and motherhood.

You can send a bouquet of fresh daisies to congratulate a new mum, to welcome the arrival of a new member of the family, to wish someone good health and speedy recovery, or to tell someone that you care. 

How to Grow Daisies

Daisies grow best in sunny location with rich soil. To keep them blooming, regular cutting and dead heading must be done. Daisies do not like overly wet soil so ensure good drainage. 

How to Care for Fresh Cut Daisies

As soon as you receive a bouquet of daisies, place them in room temperature water right away. Then cut the end of each stem at an angle using a sharp knife. Remove any leaves on the lower portion of the stem that will be covered by vase water. If your daisies have extra large heads, you may want to add some reinforcement like a straw or floral wire to keep them from bending. Fresh cut daisies that are properly cared for can last for 7-10 days.

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