About Lily's Florist - Australia

Innovation and Quality Standards

Lily's Florist is an Australian owned and operated business specialising in flowers and floral arrangements. Since we first opened our doors to the Australian market, we have been innovating our flower products and arrangements, intending to address the specific needs and demands of the market. Our goal is to be your one-stop-shop for all your flowers needs, and so we constantly come up with flower packages and arrangements suited for all occasions and events. Lily's Florist adhere to the best quality standards with every one of our products; thus, making us the preferred florist in Australia.

Family Values and Customer Delight

We are a family owned business. All of our business' management practices are also consistent with the enshrined family values. Above all things, we aim to come up with flower products that are meant to bring delight to our clients, as we work on our every flower arrangement and flower products with passion and with heart. We treat our clients as family, making us even more motivated to work towards their satisfaction with products.

Skilled Craftsmanship and Passionate Florists

Our products are made with skill, intricacy to detail, and with utmost excellence. Lily's Florist is backed up by a team composed of the finest partner florists in Australia. We believe that by having the best florists on board, we are able to come up with equally the best flower arrangements and products constantly. Our partner florists are as passionate in what they do, bringing out the best in the every flower arrangement and flower product we deliver. As our aim is to constantly maintain our reputation of producing the most delightful flower arrangements in Australia.

Stringent Membership Criteria and Continuous Learning

Lily's Florist implement a strict membership criteria for our partner delivery florists. In coming up with strict standards as with the partner florists we welcome on our team, we can give our customers the guarantee that they get only the best flower products from our website. Our proud partner florists are equipped with superior skills and experience to deliver the best every time.

Apart from their existing expertise in flower arrangements, our florists undergo constant and continuing education in the industry too. With this, we are able to innovate our products to answer the call of the times as well. They are always kept up-to-date as to the latest trends in flower arrangements, and are always updated on the new practices in the florist industry. Most of our florist have been with us for twenty years, while some for even longer. We take pride in their loyalty with our business, as much as we take pride in their exceptional skills as florists. Our business stands on a cooperative environment. We make sure that everyone is constantly motivated by creating a working environment that's as delightful and light as the flowers we deliver!

Dedicated Australia-Wide Delivery Service

Our deliver service is also now Australia-wide. Wherever your loved ones in Australia may be, our dedicated delivery service is sure to deliver just as you need us to! Our flowers are delivered right at your doorstep anywhere in Australia, in spite of ordering online from any other country in the world. As we implement a centralised order system online, we are able to count orders from clients all over the world intending to send flowers in Australia. Apart from our efficient online ordering system, you can also talk to us over the phone. For clients who have specific requests and for those who have quote requests, we may be reached by phone from anywhere in Australia too, just for the cost of a local call. Our lines are open as you may need to talk to us regarding our products as our customer service representatives are on stand-by, ever accommodating for our clients' inquiries and requests. Our lines are also open for clients looking for special deals as they order in bulk, and for any other special order requests and transactions.

Client Testimonials

At Lily's Florist, our focus is our clients' satisfaction. It is to them to whom we owe our success. As our clients patronize our flower arrangements and other flower products, we are able to continuously share our passion as we become a part of their every occasion. With the every flower arrangement that we deliver and provide our clients with, we make sure that we leave them satisfied. Our brand has also been established in Australia with the enormous contribution of our clients. As they spread the word about the kind of products and the service that we provide them with, we are able to acquire more and more clients as a result. Read more real Lily's Florist reviews.

Most of our satisfied customers cannot help but share their wonderful experience with their purchase from our store:

                "What I like best about Lily's is the fact that they have a lot options for me. I was looking online for a bouquet for my mum on Mother's Day, and I am relieved to see Lily's Florist online. It took me some time to finally choose the one for mum, and she couldn't be happier! It's definitely one of the most memorable Mother's Day-- thanks to Lily's!"
                "I was out of town came my wife's birthday, and most of my folks back home are as busy as they get. At first I considered a courier service in Australia for the flowers delivery, but then I saw Lily's Florist. I was surprised at how easy ordering flowers for my wife was. Browsed through their selections, paid online, and the next thing I know my wife's calling to say how much she liked it.That definitely won't be the last time!"
                "Lily's Florist did a great job on my wedding day-- but great is really an understatement-- it was fabulous! I must say that the flowers they delivered on my big day added enormously to the charm of my wedding set-up. I preferred a minimalist arrangement for my wedding, and the flowers from Lily's complemented everything we had on the set!"
                "At first I was a bit skeptic as about purchasing stuff online, let alone flowers. But since I was on travel during the time my friend got sick, I decided I should try ordering flowers online. Came across Lily's Florist and placed my order-- with fingers crossed. That same day my friend called me, a bit elated and hopeful, thankful for the Get Well flowers I ordered from Lily's. Should have known about Lily's Florist sooner!"

Convenient Online Ordering and Diverse Selection

As most of our clients are happy about the quality of our flower arrangements, still there are some who thinks that the convenience that we offer them is the best thing about Lily's Florist. Either way, we make sure that we deliver in both these aspects! As we have our online ordering system implemented, our clients get to save time shopping around and checking our local florists for their flowers needs-- all our clients have to do is go online, browse through our widest array of flower arrangements, order and pay online too, and just wait for the flowers to be delivered right at their doorstep-- or in most cases-- right at their loved one's home.

Lily's Florist also has the widest variety of flower arrangements and packages to choose from. We have a lot to choose from. Whether you're intending to send in flowers for a birthday celebration, wedding, Get-Well, sympathy, and many others-- we've got them all in store for you. Lily's have everything you need when it comes to flowers. We have bouquets, bunches, flowers in boxes, and much more. In spite of the vast availability of our flower products though, we make sure that we deliver nothing less than the freshest flowers. We never compromise our product's quality with quantity.

Innovative Packages and Customisable Options

As we continuously innovate our products, we come up with many different packages as well. Our bouquets come in many different flower selections-- from roses, to lilies, to Orientals. Our clients also enjoy the liberty of choosing the set of flowers they prefer - we have packages that mix and match our different flower selections. This allows us to provide them with colorful and delightful bouquets with their every order. Our clients may also opt to have teddy bears, wines, champagnes, chocolates, and many other treats. We also offer hampers, an alternative gift that's equally sweet as our flowers.

Secure Online Shopping Experience

We understand the value of the modern technology and implement the latest ecommerce technology and online shopping security. Our online ordering system provides for easy navigation while never compromising the online security of our clients. Placing your Lily's Florist orders online is easy. It begins with browsing through our selection of flower products, choosing the product you like, and providing us with your personal and delivery information. Soon as you finalize your order, payment may be effected by any of our online payment options. We accept major credit cards-- making it even easier for our clients! Throughout the transaction too, we make sure that all the information our clients provide us with are treated with utmost security and integrity, and we do this by having the latest and the best encryption software online.

Wherever in the world you are, Lily's Florist is just a few clicks away! Never miss an occasion by sending your loved ones in Australia a bouquet - Roses, Lilies, Orientals, and pair with some sweet chocolates, wine, or teddy bear. Show them just how much you care! With Lily's Florist, every day is made special with flowers!