Whether you want to brighten up your garden or someone’s mood, you can count on orange flowers. Showing of a vivid, strong and energetic hue, orange flowers are attention-grabbing and at the same time heartwarming. Orange is a colour that creates an undeniably positive impact that’s why it is frequently used in advertising. And when you see such cheery shade on fresh flowers, you just feel happy, refreshed, or excited.

Good thing there are quite a few flowers that carry this enthusiastic colour. You have plenty of options when gardening with orange flowers or sending orange bouquets to family and friends. 

Orange Flower Varieties

Birds of paradise, begonias, chrysanthemums, roses, lilies, tulips, gerbera daisies, ranunculus, alstroemeria, zinnias, dahlias, and Cymbidium orchids all come in a fantastic orange shade.
If you prefer a paler or pastel shade of this bold shade in a flower, you can opt for carnations, dahlias, spray roses, poppies and gladiolus.

Want the bright, eye-catching orange shade? Ranunculus asiaticus “Elegance Orange” has silky tangerine orange petals you’ll love. They will surely brighten up your garden and liven up your space for up to 7 days when used as a cut flower and displayed in a vase
For flowers with a deeper, darker orange hue, you have Asiatic lilies, pansies, crocosmias, marigolds, dahlias, spark feather celosia, Mexican Sunflower, and tulips as your choices. 

Orange Flower Symbolism

Aside from being attention-getting, orange flowers are regarded for the symbolism they carry. Having the color that exudes life and evokes vitality, orange flowers bring joy and happy feelings. Orange flowers represent warm, sunny days and radiate goodness and peace. Orange flowers are flashy without being too imposing or overpowering. Blooms in orange colour can also represent compassion, spirituality, friendliness, and optimism.

Orange flowers can also stand for admiration, fascination, romantic interest and enthusiastic pride. It can also symbolise strength and encouragement. 

When to Send Orange Flowers

You can send orange flowers to your crush when you want to show appreciation to her interesting personality. Pick a deep orange bouquet when you want to communicate admiration and affection or desire. Want to light the flame of love? An orange bouquet can do the trick.

When congratulation someone for an achievement, an orange bouquet would make the perfect present. It’s inspiring and encouraging and can deliver your message of appreciation for someone’s determination and hard work.

Given the intense shade of orange flowers, you can send a tangerine bouquet, too, to mean hope and strength. Send encouragement, good vibes and positive energy to someone’s way through an arrangement of mixed orange flowers.

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