Flowers With A Vase

Whatever the occasion, our flowers will make it extra special!

Flowers in Vase Delivered Same Day

Flowers are a sight to behold! Yes, that’s true. Who wouldn’t like seeing the beauty and radiance of flowers anywhere they go? No one! Surprise your recipient with a floral gift that they can immediately display and flaunt. Go get our Flowers with Vase. Lily’s Florist has a special selection of radiant blooms stylishly set in compliment-worthy vases.

Shop flowers right now and don’t miss out on our flowers in vase at bargain prices. Expect to see gorgeous gerberas, lovely lilies, ravishing roses, and charming carnations all entwined into amazing foliage, ready for display and all-set to make someone’s day. Our handcrafted arrangements also feature exquisite flowers like pink alstroemeria, purple statice, chrysanthemums, and spray roses. All you have to do is choose for yourself or for your recipient’s pleasure.

Send one right now and make a lasting impression on your recipient. Once they receive the flowers, there is no need to look for a vase where they can place it. Not everyone has a vase in storage and this would save them some time while being able to appreciate your floral gift as soon as they display it in their home.

Luxurious Flowers Designed to Bring Absolute Cheer

Speed up someone’s recovery with one of our florist-designed flowers in vase. These hospital-friendly flower gifts are perfect when offering comfort and hope for someone who is ill. Spread optimism and brighten the atmosphere in a somber hospital room by getting one of our vase arrangements displayed, or view our boxed arrangements.

You can also welcome a newborn baby with our lively floral creations in a vase. Hospitals do not usually provide vases for flowers; that is why this is the perfect get well gift for your loved one’s bedside table.

Want to bring flowers at the workplace? Sure! Start a happy day at the office by displaying our roses or gerberas in bud vases. These are tiny enough to be placed on your work desk and radiant enough to inspire creativity and productivity. Flowers naturally exude positivity, something you definitely need in the workplace. Positivity breeds motivation and can lead to better performance. Our flower arrangements in a vase are a wonderful addition to your office desk at the same time a mood booster for you, your colleagues, and even your boss!

Do you have an urgent need to send flowers to your family and friends in the middle of the day? Lily’s Florist offers same day delivery. Our flowers with vase are available for same day delivery, just order before 2 PM on weekdays and prior to 10 AM on Saturdays

Upgrade Your Flower Gift

Feel free to give your flower present some extra oomph. Add a bottle of wine or go all out and include a box of chocolates and a plush teddy bear. Lily’s Florist makes it easy and inexpensive for you to upgrade your flower gift in style. Make you recipient squeal with joy when you complement our wonderful flowers with an extra present. Buy now and get hold of these great deals at the most reasonable price you can get.

And since you can get beautiful flowers at cheap prices here at Lily’s Florist, why not get something for yourself as well? It’s perfectly okay to buy yourself flowers and indulge a little from time to time. Celebrate you, reward yourself, and give yourself a break! It’s about time you give in to a little treat and remind yourself that you don’t need anyone to boost your self-esteem or to feel special. Don’t wait for mum to send you flowers to tell you she’s thinking of you. You don’t need a man or someone else to prove how great you are. Gift yourself this little guilty pleasure and feel all warm and fuzzy at the sight of fresh flowers on your night table.

Our Simple Beauty vase arrangement is an awesome gift for an awesome you. You certainly deserve this attractive medley of spray roses, lilies, and gerberas set in a chic glass vase. The Lavender Beauty is another option if you fancy the royal colour which is purple. It has elegant-looking roses and white lilies presented in a lovely reusable vase. A vase arrangement is just a few dollars worth of happiness so go ahead and spoil yourself today.

Flower Care Guide

Lily’s Florist’s flowers will last for several days if given the proper flower care. Flowers from this category already come arranged in a decorative vase so no trimming or arranging will be required from you upon receiving the arrangement. However, it is crucial that you keep the vase filled with water. Add fresh water every day and change the water when it gets cloudy. Clean the vase thoroughly before replacing the water. Remove dead or wilting leaves and stems and cut the end of the stem at an angle using a sharp knife. This will make your flower absorb water better. To preserve the life and colour of fresh flowers, avoid placing them near heat sources including windowsills or areas with full sun. Do not put flower arrangements near your fruit bowl because ripening fruits release ethylene which is the aging hormone in plants.

What are you waiting for? Check our Flowers with Vase section and find impressive flower gifts for your loved ones and even for yourself. For as low as $75, you can get an evocative and eye-catching floral ensemble creatively prepared by hand by our local florist. Order online or by phone. We’ll be waiting for your order.

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