2 Wrapped Lily Stems

2 Wrapped Lily Stems

This gem of a gift may look so small but it sure has a loud and powerful impact. Why? Because it features the strength and beauty of the regal lily.

Lily is a popular flower regarded for its large, prominent, and often fragrant bloom. Lilies can be found all over the world and are especially important in a number of cultures. There are about a hundred species of true lily, with Asiatics, Orientals, Turk's Cap, and Trumpets being the most popular.

The lily flower is also loved for its long vase life and expressive beauty. It can symbolise royalty, motherhood and fertiliy, purity and youthful beauty, renewal and rebirth, or passion.

No wonder this particular bouquet of two lily stems is favoured by many of our clients. Its expressiveness is very rich and its versatility cannot be denied. If you are looking for a budget-friendly flower gift that will suit any occasion and fit any personality, these wrapped lilies would be an excellent choice.

Please note that actual lily variety and wrapper colour will be our florists' discretion.


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