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Symbolic Meaning of Funeral Flowers

Flowers have their own unique language and we’re lucky to have the opportunity to use this one-of-a-kind means of communication.  Flowers can help us express what we feel when words seem to be not enough to define our emotions. Fresh flowers are especially helpful when communicating extreme feelings like intense love, deep gratitude, or heartfelt apology. These beautiful gifts from nature can also speak volumes when offering comfort and sympathy to people who are experiencing incomprehensible grief. If you are looking for information on flowers and funeral services please click here.

If you have a friend or relative who lost a loved one, convey your condolences through sympathy flowers. Lily’s Florist has a wide selection of flower arrangements that can express your sorrow and show how you share in someone’s grief. To help you find the best sympathy flowers to send, here is a quick guide on the symbolic meaning of popular funeral flowers.

Lilies. The lily flower appears to be the most popular bloom used in both funeral and sympathy flowers. Lilies, particularly the white ones, symbolise innocence and purity. They stand for rebirth and restoration of innocence as well as eternal life and new beginnings.

Roses. Being the flower of love, a rose’s symbolism is appropriate for funeral and sympathy flowers. White roses signify innocence and spirituality while deep red roses evoke love and grief. Yellow roses celebrate friendship and dark pink roses convey heartfelt gratitude.

Orchids. These elegant and exotic blooms say one thing: “I will always love you.” An orchid plant is also a longer lasting sympathy flower gift that can remind the bereaved of the sender’s love and support. Select orchids in pink, purple or white colours to express your sympathy.

Chrysanthemums. Commonly used in flower arrangements, chrysanthemums actually carry various symbolisms. In European countries like Poland, Spain, Croatia, France, Italy, and Hungary, mums are symbolic of death and are used in flower arrangements for funerals and graves. The same meaning is considered in China and Korea where chrysanthemums are regarded as flowers of grief and lamentation. In Japan, the chrysanthemum or Kiku is a symbol of rejuvenation and longevity.

Carnations. This ruffled beauty with sweet fragrance holds various meanings too. When used in sympathy flower arrangements, carnations convey a combination of love and admiration.

Gladioli.  Funeral flower arrangements with gladioli are sent to recognize the deceased’s strength of character. This tall flower embodies sincerity, honesty, and moral integrity hence it’s given to honour someone who has lived a righteous life.

Camellias. Send a funeral flower arrangement filled with camellias to honour someone whom you truly admire and respect. This breathtakingly beautiful bloom has elegant and delicate petals that can beautifully represent the deceased’s refined character.

Hyacinths. These little blooms are commonly added into funeral flower arrangements as filler flowers. They add a sweet fragrance into any arrangement. Hyacinths represent deep sorrow.

While there are really no particular types of flowers that should be sent to express sympathy and condolences, the aforementioned blooms are commonly chosen because of their unique beauty and language. You can pay your respect to the deceased by sending a funeral flower arrangement filled with her favourite flowers. It would also be very comforting for the bereaved to know that you paid attention to her deceased loved one’s favourite blossom.

Then again, you can simply pick a funeral or sympathy flower arrangement based on the language it speaks.  Lily’s Florist has sympathy arrangements, funeral wreaths and sheaths that feature the most popular funeral flowers mentioned above. Our wreaths are specially designed to symbolise the circle of life. Resembling a ring, this circle of flowers represents everlasting life; that physical death is just the beginning and not the end. Our hand-tied sheaths or sheaves, on the other hand, are designed to adorn a casket. Both our wreaths and sheaths are directly delivered to a chapel, cemetery or funeral home.

At Lily’s Florist, you can find sympathy and funeral flowers in different colour schemes. We have the classic white flower arrangements if you prefer a traditional symbol of your sympathy. Also available are more vibrant funeral flower arrangements that are designed to bring optimism and hope into a somber event. Our colourful sympathy flowers are well-thought-of and are tastefully designed to suit formal and somber funeral services. While these radiant and brightly coloured blooms cannot take away pain and sorrow, they can somehow lessen the gloom and inspire strength and hope to the grieving.

For as low as $100, you can arrange a delivery of sympathy wreath in standard size. Our wreaths are hand-arranged and hand-delivered and are available in four sizes. Lily’s Florist’s sympathy sheaths start at $70 for a standard design and can be handcrafted into an extra large sympathy flower gift for just $200.

Ordering sympathy flowers online is easy when you do it at Lily’s Florist. Order before 2PM Monday to Friday and we can swiftly arrange same day delivery.