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Dried Flower Decor

Get to Know Dried Flowers

Can’t keep plants alive? Fresh cut flowers not your cup of tea? When you just can’t maintain a garden and keeping a bouquet of fresh flowers fresh appear to be as anxiety-inducing too as gardening, you can always resort to dried flowers.  They don’t have to be watered, are available in all colours and sizes, last longer, and perfect for all seasons.

Get to Know Dried Flowers

You can buy dried flowers or you can try your hand at drying fresh flowers. The former is the easier way, of course. Best for those who do not have the luxury of time to revamp the look of their home, store-bought dried flowers can easily give any space an impressive makeover. Let’s walk you through the basics of using dried flowers in enhancing the look and feel of any room.

What are dried flowers?

Dried flowers are basically lifeless blooms. They are dried or preserved using a number of techniques including microwave drying, the use of silica gel, wax dipping, by pressing, air drying, and well, forgetting about them after placing in a vase.

The simplest and most traditional technique for drying flowers is hanging bunches of them upside down in a well-ventilated area without direct sunlight.

What are dried flowers?

Dried flowers have partially maintained their quality. They may not have the fresh look and vibrant colour but their form is still intact. They are still attractive and they have that dramatic look and allure that you just can’t see in a dewy, bold and vividly-coloured fresh blossom.

How long can dried flowers last?

Dried flowers’ lasting power will depend on the flower variety. When kept out of direct sun and moisture, they can last for up to a year.

Which flowers are best for drying?

The ideal choice would be flowers with low moisture. Everlastings are considered to be the best bloom for drying because they never lose their colour and form even when air-dried. Other blooms that are good in retaining their hue and shape are:

  • amaranthus
  • globe thistle
  • Victoria blue salvia
  • strawberry fields gomphrena
  • lavender lady gomphrena
  • statice
  • cockscomb celosia
  • bells of Ireland
  • strawflowers
  • larkspur

Hydrangeas, craspedia flowers, astilbe, and yarrows also make beautiful dried flowers.

Which flowers are best for drying?

To complement those beautiful dried blooms are dried greens such as eucalyptus, bunny tail grass, reed grass, plume grass, pampas grass and wrinkled cress. Feel free to add branches of bamboo and dried sweet huck.

Where can I display dried flowers?

Display the rustic beauty of dried flowers wherever you’d showcase the radiant glow of fresh flowers.

Dried blooms would look perfect when displayed on vessels that have the same raw and rustic charm. Consider vintage milk glasses, apothecary jars, tin cans, coloured bottles like wine bottles, and glass jars as your vase options for dried flowers. And because these blooms no longer no need water, you can also display them on containers other than vases. Think pretty woven totes, baskets, shadow boxes, and picture frames. Hang them on a rustic-looking wood board or turn them into a wreath.
Where can I display dried flowers?

You can still use new and modern vases of course but make sure you choose one that won’t overwhelm or overpower the rugged and unique look of dried flowers.

You can display dried flowers on a fireplace mantel, on your front door, in a hallway, in the bedroom, bathroom – anywhere.

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Dried flowers only lack life; they’re still full of charm and character. Decorating with dried flowers isn’t just for farmhouse or country style-themed spaces. They can work well in modern homes, too, and is very effective in bringing rich texture, creating drama and infusing earthy beauty to dull corners around the house.  The muted colours, zero-care requirement, and nostalgic vibe of dried botanicals make them as interesting and decorative as fresh flowers. Give them a try and find one more convenient option to level up the style, look, and feel of your home.


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