Best Valentine's Day Flowers for Children

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Best Valentines Day Flowers for Children

Best Valentine's Day Flowers for Children

Valentine's Day is an exciting holiday of love, caring, and affection especially for little ones. As a parent, finding the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your child, kid, little one can be a fun way to make them feel special. When it comes to flowers, opt for blooms that are vibrant, cheerful, playful and kid-friendly. Focus on beautiful yet affordable floral gifts that are scaled down in size for tiny hands but still bursting with bright petals, happy colours, and sweet scents. The right Valentine’s Day flowers will fill your child’s day with joy, laughter, smiles, and wonder. They convey warmth, appreciation and let them know just how much they are cherished. With careful consideration for options that are safe as well as budget-conscious, you can find floral gifts that check all the boxes.

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Best Flower Options for Kids

When selecting the perfect blooms to gift your little sweetheart, darling, precious one this Valentine's Day, opt for flowers that are known to be long-lasting, affordable, and vibrant. Focus on classics with cheery colours, playful forms, and sweet scents that will delight your child’s senses.


An excellent go-to, carnations are inexpensive yet beautiful flowers that can often last up to 2-3 weeks with proper care. Available in a rainbow of bright and cheerful hues like pink, red, yellow, and white, their ruffled petals and pleasant fragrance make them a top pick. Known as the “flower of love,” carnations are a classic choice that convey warmth, affection, and make a thoughtful gift.

Gerbera Daisies

Happy-go-lucky gerbera daisies are another wallet-friendly option perfect for spreading joy and smiles. These bold, colourful blooms flaunt extra large crepe-paper-like petals that retain their beauty for 7-10 days in a vase. Available in vibrant pink, orange, yellow, and more, they symbolise cheerfulness, innocence, and pure delight. Their sunny disposition is bound to brighten any child’s day.


Beloved harbingers of spring, tulips make a particularly fitting flower for kids with their playful form — resembling colourful goblets or bells. They come in a diverse array of bright colours, patterns, and variegations like striped, fringed, or parrot tulips. Affordable, long-lasting, and easy to arrange, a small bunch can convey affection, warmth, and appreciation to your little valentine, sweetie, honey.

Flower Arrangements and Gifts

When selecting the perfect Valentine’s flowers for your little sweetie, honey, darling, opt for charming arrangements sized just for small hands. Focus on bright colours, sweet scents, and playful additions that will delight their senses.

Small Bouquets

A beautiful bouquet of 3-5 blooms like carnations or gerbera daisies presented in a short glass vase or mason jar makes a thoughtful, kid-friendly gift. Finish it off with ribbons, raffia, or twine for an extra special touch. Take a look at our 3 Gerberas In a Vase.

Potted Plants

Mini rose bushes, tulip bulbs, or sweet succulents planted in small pots allow kids to nurture the plant and watch it grow over time. Decorate the pot with bows, hearts, or love notes for added charm.

DIY Flower Crafts

Create joy and build creativity by making tissue paper flowers, flower crowns, or pressed flower cards together. These fun, hands-on activities are sure to result in precious memories. For more detailed information on how to make tissue paper flowers read our blog post titled: How To Make Tissue Paper Flowers.

Seeds of Wisdom - final thoughts

Selecting the perfect Valentine's Day flowers for your child, kid, little one is all about choosing options that spread joy, laughter, and smiles. The right blooms will delight their senses with vibrant colours, sweet fragrances, and playful forms sized just for their little hands. Carnations, gerbera daisies, and tulips make excellent choices as they are all long-lasting, budget-friendly picks that convey affection, caring and appreciation. Finish them off with special touches like bows, notes, or treats for an extra thoughtful, memorable gift. This February 14th, pick flowers that will brighten your child’s day and fill their heart with happiness. The simplest bouquets and plants can cherish them and remind them just how much they are loved.


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