Best Flowers to Send For Easter

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Best Flowers to Send For Easter

Sending fresh flowers is a beloved Easter tradition to celebrate the holiday that marks rebirth and new beginnings after winter. Floral gifts with bright spring colors and symbolic blooms are perfect for decorating homes, gifting loved ones, or donating to churches and community centers.

When choosing the best Easter flowers to send, opt for classic picks like Easter lilies and tulips or explore unique options like ranunculuspeonies, or roses. Mix different flower varieties together for eclectic and colorful bouquets that reflect the joyful mood of the spring season.

Pastel colored flowers in soft yellow, pink, lavender, and cream also embody the Easter spirit. Display the floral arrangements in pretty baskets or weave in festive touches like Easter eggs and decorative butterflies.

No matter which fresh blooms you select, a gift of Easter flowers is sure to delight recipients and infuse indoor and outdoor spaces with the essence of renewal and hope this spring. 

Easter Sunday in Australia next year is Sunday, 20 Apr 2025.

Most Popular Easter Flowers

Easter lilies are the quintessential Easter flower. These trumpet-shaped white blooms symbolize purityinnocencefertility, and resurrection in Christianity. Their striking beauty makes them a top choice for Easter floral gifts and arrangements.

Tulips come in a wide variety of vibrant spring colors like yellow, pink, red, and purple. They represent deep lovehappiness, and the spring season. The colorful cups mix beautifully in eclectic bouquets and centerpieces.

Daffodils have bright yellow trumpets that represent rebirthnew beginnings, and good fortune. These cheery spring blooms are March's birth flower and a classic for Easter. Their hopeful symbolism fits the holiday well.

Roses make lovely floral gifts for Easter. Soft colors like white, pink, peach, and orange carry meanings like innocencehappiness, and passion. Arrange them alone or with other blooms.

Unique Flower Choices

Orchids make a lovely addition to Easter floral arrangements with their delicate blooms and beautiful colors like white, pink, lavender, and yellow. These flowers symbolise love, luxury, beauty, and strength. Their exotic look stands out in spring displays.

Vibrant ranunculus carry meanings of charm and attractiveness. Their rose-like flowers with delicate, tissue paper-thin petals provide ethereal beauty and a whimsical touch to Easter bouquets. Ranunculus come in shades like pink, red, yellow, orange, purple, and white.

Fragrant hyacinths in pastel hues like pink, lavender, cream, and white are perfect for Easter. Their bell-shaped blooms represent constancy, sincerity, and rebirth. Display hyacinths in arrangements or as potted plants.

Other unique Easter blooms include colorful anemones, cheerful daffodils, elegant calla lilies, and sweet-scented freesia. Mix these less common flowers with mainstays like tulips and lilies for eclectic Easter displays. Native flowers are also 'wildly' popular!

Tips for Easter Flower Arrangements

Tips for Easter Flower Arrangements

When designing Easter flower arrangements, create eclectic and colorful displays by mixing different blooms like tulips, roses, ranunculus, and lilies together. The varied textures, colors, and shapes make vibrant springtime bouquets.

  • Display Easter flowers in pretty woven baskets lined with plastic or moss to create a festive presentation. Weave in decorative touches like colorful Easter eggs, fresh greenery, or sheer ribbons.
  • Incorporate the colors of Easter with shades like light yellowlavenderpinkwhite, and other pastel hues. These softer tones evoke images of baby animals, sweet treats, and springtime.
  • Send the gift of Easter plants like mini rose bushes, orchids, lilies, or hyacinths for added symbolism and longer enjoyment. Recipients can display these flowering plants each Easter.
  • Add whimsy and beauty to Easter florals with unique blooms like ranunculusanemonesfreesia, and waxflower. Mix in fragrant flowers like hyacinths, lilacs, or roses for sweet scent. 

Seeds Of Wisdom

flower bunches for Easter

Easter celebrations call for gifts of fresh spring flowers to commemorate rebirthnew life, and the wonder of the season. Choose blooms in Easter colors like yellow, pink, lavender, and white or select flowers with symbolic meaning tied to the Christian holiday.

Classic picks like Easter lilies, tulips, and daffodils make excellent choices. For unique arrangements, create eclectic bouquets by mixing different flowers like roses, ranunculus, anemones, and hyacinths. Display the blooms in woven baskets or pair them with decorations like Easter eggs and butterflies for festive flair.

No matter which flowers you select, a gift of Easter blooms delivers happiness and hope during the spring season. The arrangements adorn homes and places of worship, filling indoor and outdoor spaces with fragrancebeauty, and the promise of rejuvenation.

Easter is a time of celebration, symbolising rebirth and new beginnings, making it the perfect occasion to express your feelings and convey your best wishes with the gift of flowers. Lily's Florist offers a stunning array of Easter flowers that embody the spirit of the season. From the traditional Easter lilies that signify purity and resurrection, to vibrant tulips reflecting deep love and happiness, and unique choices like the whimsical ranunculus and fragrant hyacinths, we have everything to make your Easter gifts memorable. Our expertly arranged bouquets, infused with pastel hues and Easter decorations, are sure to brighten your loved ones' homes and hearts. Choose Lily's Florist for your Easter flower deliveries and share the joy of spring with exquisite floral arrangements.


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