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A Guide to Choosing the Best Flowers For Birthdays

Celebrating a birthday is an important occasion to recognise the special person in your life. Choosing the perfect flowers to give as a gift can seem challenging with so many varieties and options to pick from. This article will provide helpful tips and recommendations to select the best flowers for birthdays that will make a lasting impression.

The ideal birthday bouquet should reflect the personality and style of the recipient. Popular favorites like roses, tulips, lilies and carnations are always special but you can also consider unique choices like orchids, iris, or birds of paradise for more adventurous personalities. The arrangements can showcase just one breathtaking focal flower or artistically blend multiple complementary flowers together.

In addition to the type of flower, the other considerations that go into finding the perfect birthday flowers include determining the right color scheme, if you want scented flowers that smell as beautiful as they look, selecting the best vase to complement the flowers, and finding a local florist who can craft a stunning bouquet that stays fresh until the birthday. The tips in this article will cover all these aspects and more to help you pick out that special gift.

So let's get started and look at the most popular go-to birthday blooms before exploring some unique alternatives if you want to give a gift that stands out from the typical options. Follow along for pro tips on how to make this birthday extra special with gorgeous flowers that convey just the sentiment you want to share. 

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When looking for the perfect birthday bouquet, you can't go wrong with these timeless classic flowers that have remained popular choices because of their beauty, fragrance, and versatility to fit any personality or style.


Of course the rose still reigns as the quintessential flower used to convey love and appreciation on a birthday. Available in a stunning spectrum from sophisticated black roses to cheerful yellow roses and every hue in between, roses allow you to make a colorful statement. Mix different rose varieties to create a lush, romantic bouquet, have various colors represent different decades of life, or pick a single rose type and make a bold monochromatic arrangement in the favorite color of the birthday boy or girl.


Tulips evoke the fresh, cheerful feeling of spring, which is why they make ideal birthday blooms. The wide range of vibrant colors available, from bright red tulips to pretty pink tulips and unique purple tulips, provides so many options to match the personality you are celebrating. Tulips pair nicely with other flowers as well. Combine them with roses for elegance or with wildflowers like daisies for a rustic chic birthday bouquet.


The popular Asiatic lilies and Oriental lilies deserve their reputation as a top choice with their large, delicate blooms that emit a soft fragrance to give any birthday a dreamy and romantic vibe. White lilies evoke purity while yellow lilies represent joy and pink lilies convey femininity. For more unique colors, try orange lilies or even black lilies for a gothic feel. With so many options, lilies allow you to get creative! Our range of Lilies can be found here.


Carnations are a budget-friendly flower that lasts an impressively long time, making them another go-to birthday bloom to send cheer without going overboard on cost. Available in a huge spectrum of colors, carnations allow you to create vibrant, custom arrangements. Striped carnations offer an extra pop of pizzaz! Being one of the more sturdy varieties, carnations also transport well which is perfect if you need to mail a birthday bouquet. Here is a detailed Best Flowers by Birthday Personality section:

Best Flowers by Birthday Personality

Beyond the classic birthday blooms, you can also select unique, specialty flowers that match the personality, values, or interests of the special person you are celebrating. Customising your bouquet in this way creates an extra thoughtful gift.


For the birthday boy or girl who loves adventure and new experiences, surprise them with exotic orchids to match their bold spirit. These beautiful blooms come in an incredible diversity of shapes, sizes, and colors to delight the most daring and avant-garde personalities. Play around with combining majestic phalaenopsis orchids featuring dramatic arched spikes with delicate dancing lady orchids to make a statement piece.


It's hard to top cheery sunflowers when honoring someone with constant sunshine in their soul. These bright golden blooms evoke the warmth of summer and will light up any room while also conveying wishes for good fortune in the year ahead. For more variety, try mixing classic yellow sunflowers with unique red or orange varieties.


Does the birthday girl have an artistic spirit and eclectic style? Lovely iris flowers may be the perfect match with their intricate, exotic patterns in a diverse palette of colors from regal purple and blue to cheery yellow. You can even find ruffled varieties for extra whimsy. Pair these painterly blooms with greenery like ferns or eucalyptus to complement the colors.

Birds of Paradise

For the birthday guy or gal who loves all things tropical, surprise them with a taste of the tropics by gifting gorgeous birds of paradise blooms. The vivid orange and electric blue colors of these distinct flowers will excite free spirits who dream of adventure in exotic lands. Combine the bold bird of paradise with palm fronds or monstera leaves to enhance that lush, tropical style. 

Best Flowers by Birthday Month

In addition to matching personality, you can also tailor your birthday flower selection around what is seasonally available each month to pick varieties that are fresh, local, and budget-friendly.

Best Flowers by Birthday Month


For January birthdays, celebrate the new year with cheerful carnations or prep for Valentine's Day with elegant alstroemeria and chrysanthemums featuring rich reds, pinks, and purples. These winter-hardy blooms add warmth and romance during the coldest months.


In February, continue the Valentine's Day theme by gifting gorgeous red, white, or pink blooms like fragrant freesia, frilly sweetheart roses or delicate iris. For an extra wintry touch, incorporate evergreen accents like eucalyptus, pine, or faux white berries.


As spring arrives, celebrate March birthdays with fresh spring flowers like cheerful daffodils, vibrant tulips, pastel hyacinths or whimsical ranunculus with layers of tissue paper-thin petals. Capture the spirit of rebirth and renewal with these perky blooms.


For April birthdays, keep the spring theme going with sweet-scented lilacs, playful daisies, romantic peonies, or bright, delicate anemones. Create a whimsical woodland inspired bouquet by adding wispy willow branches, fresh ferns or flowering cherry branches.


Lush lilies and voluptuous peonies are the stars of May arrangements. For texture, incorporate branches bursting with blossoms like flowering quince, fluffy smokebush or fragrant mock orange. Vibrant purple and pink hues dominate to welcome another joyous spring season.


The first blooms of hydrangea make the perfect focal point for June birthday bouquets. Accent with glossy green ivy vines, sweet lavender sprigs or fragrant roses like old-fashioned varieties. Capture June's anticipation of summer by mixing white and green hydrangea with playful pops of color.


Lisianthus blooms with lush, rose-like texture and snapdragons add whimsical spikes to July arrangements. Black-eyed Susan vines and passionflowers enhance vibrant warm season arrangements. Sunflowers can incorporate the bright golden hues of summer while lotus pods add exotic texture.


In August, incorporate texture-rich celosia, plumed cockscomb, and amaranthus to capture summer's fiery colors. Towering gladiolus and spiky protea blooms add drama while wispy statice and strawflowers provide volume and movement with their delicate petals.


As summer fades to fall, September arrangements star cheery sunflowers, bright zinnias, and happy marigolds alongside autumn hues of astor and golden solidago. Incorporate foraged elements like seed pods and dried leaves for texture.


Chrysanthemums rule October arrangements with their burst of autumnal colors and lush, full form. Combine shades of orange, rust, and purple mums with fall foliage accents or seasonal gourds and mini pumpkins for the perfect autumn birthday bouquet.


For November birthdays, embrace the cosy feeling of the season with rich autumn hues. Alstroemeria and carnations are long-lasting staples that allow you to incorporate seasonal touches like hypericum berries, pretty mini pinecones or strands of maple leaves to finish the fall look. For a more detailed look and November Birthday flowers click here.


Finally, December arrangements star holiday staples like cheerful poinsettias, festive holly berries, fragrant eucalyptus, sparkling gold accents, and lush pine trimmings. Create a winter wonderland by combining evergreens with seasonal white blooms like roses, lilies, orchids, or tulips

Caring for Birthday Flowers

To help your beautiful birthday blooms last as long as possible, follow these care tips:

As soon as you receive or purchase the flowers, use sharp scissors or garden clippers to trim 3-5 cms off the bottom of each stem. This allows the stems to better absorb water and nutrients. Also be sure to remove any leaves or foliage that fall below the water line in your vase, as submerged leaves will decay and breed bacteria.

Use a clean vase and fill it with room temperature water. Be sure to use enough water to sufficiently hydrate the flowers. Most experts recommend replacing the water every 2-3 days to keep it clean and prevent bacterial growth. For best results, consider adding commercial flower food to provide nutrients and prolong the arrangement's vase life. Follow package instructions for proper dilution.

Display your floral arrangement out of direct sunlight to prevent premature fading and in an area away from heating and cooling vents to prevent temperature shock. Also keep flowers like lilies (which are toxic to cats and dogs) up high and out of reach from curious pets!

By caring for birthday flowers properly and gifting them at their peak freshness, you can help the recipient enjoy their blooms as long as possible to commemorate their special day! Adjust care depending on variety - roses and lilies typically last 1-2 weeks while carnations and chrysanthemums may look lovely for 2-3 weeks. 

For a far deeper look at everything to do with flower care read our entire series on it here.

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Seeds Of Wisdom

Finding the perfect birthday flowers is a thoughtful way to recognise someone special while conveying your heartfelt sentiments. While classic choices like roses, tulips, lilies and carnations are always timeless options, you can also consider unique flowers tailored to their personality like vibrant sunflowers, elegant orchids or whimsical iris.

In addition to selecting flowers that match the recipient's taste, you can further customise your gift by picking blooms that represent their birthday month or are tied to that season. Top picks in the spring include cheerful daffodils, romantic peonies and pastel hydrangea while the fall and winter star holiday staples like festive poinsettias and rich chrysanthemums.

No matter which flowers you gift, be sure to care for them properly by recutting stems, changing water and displaying out of direct sunlight so they can gracefully embellish the birthday celebration with their beauty and fragrance for as long as possible. Thoughtful flowers add a special touch to mark each year while conveying your fondest birthday wishes to someone dear.


No way, best by far are roses, at least for me. Don't like red ones as they are so commercialised, give me pink or yellow roses any day. Thanks for the flower tips.
Give me birthday sunflowers any day but super hard to find in Dublin, and if you can, so expensive!
As a February babes I love freesia's so that makes sense!!
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