20 Flower-Inspired Baby Names

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20 Most Charming Flower-Inspired Baby Names

Flower names are now blooming in popularity and we can’t blame the parents. We humans, after all, are part of nature. We, like fresh flowers, are from nature. When it’s time to name our offspring, it’s perfectly natural that we get attracted to names that mean or represent some of nature’s most wondrous gifts – like flowers.

If you’re expecting and looking for a child’s name that’s inspired by flowers, here are some of our favourite baby names inspired by the loveliest blooms along with their corresponding history or meaning.


This popular landscaping flower carries several meanings: temperance, elegance and wealth, abundance, feminine beauty, developing passion and remembering home. Compared with other popular flower names, Azalea entered the name bouquet only in 2012.


In floriography, Camellia denotes perfection and admiration. This exotic blossom is also associated with wealth, water and the moon.


A cute name that’s associated with purity and innocence, Daisy is indeed a meaningful baby girl name or nickname.


Denoting elegance and dignity, name your little girl Dahlia and watch her grow up to become an oh-so-sophisticated young lady.


French for flower, Fleur is a cool and unusual girl’s name.


An evergreen that thrives in rocky and wind-swept highlands, this flower is said to symbolise strength and independence. Purple heathers, in particular, means “worthy of admiration.”


A favoured name for girls born around Christmas. Holly is an evergreen shrub with tiny white flowers and glossy green leaves.


Hyacinths are highly fragrant flowers that are easy to grow. If you’re looking for a truly exotic flower name for your little one, Hyacinth would be a great choice.


The original source of indigo dye, True Indigo flowers grows spontaneously in Africa and is widely cultivated in India, China, and tropical America. The purple-blue dye is produced not by the True Indigo’s flowers but by its leaves.

10. IRIS

If you can already tell that your little darling will become a wise leader someday, name her Iris. This flower’s three petals that stand upright are said to symbolise wisdom, faith and valour.

Flower-Inspired Baby Names

11. IVY

A popular botanical name, Ivy is of English origin. The flower Ivy has an interesting history as it was used by ancient Greeks to symbolise fidelity. This flower is also associated with rebirth. In 1904, the name Ivy was used in over 8,000 births in England and Wales.


Known for its fragrance, Jasmine is also a national symbol in Hawaii, Indonesia, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand and Syria.

13. LILY

A popular name among celebrity babies, Lily is truly a captivating name. This blossom represents purity, gentleness, femininity, unity, and amiability.


Want your little girl to grow up loving nature? Name her Magnolia (and pick Noa, Nollie or Maggie as her nickname). Being one of the most ancient flowering plants, magnolias symbolize nobility and dignity.


Myrtle is a trendy girl name inspired by the star-like bloom which has a rich history as a flower of love. The white myrtle flowers embody purity, innocence and truth, too.


Revive this beautiful name with a subtle appeal. Olive depicts peace and would make a chic name for a dainty little girl. Ollie, Ol, Liv and Livie would make cool nicknames for your little Olive.


A special flower-inspired name for your equally special bundle of joy. Primrose or “first rose” would make a unique name for your firstborn. This is a beautiful name that means early youth; perfect for reminding your little one to never lose her childlike sense of life.


This gender neutral name works perfectly fine for both boys and girls. Saffron has a 60’s hippie feel and is perfect for the little one whom you intend to rear as a flower child. This name makes a modern and quirkier alternative to other spice names like Rosemary and Thyme. If you believe your baby who is worth more than her weight in gold, consider naming her from this rare and expensive spice.


Soft and sweet, the name Violet continues to gain popularity. Did you know that Violet was one of the earliest flower names to be used as a first name? The version Violette was used as a personal name in France during the Middle Ages. By 1830, Violet became a well-established name used in U.S. and U.K. In the language of flowers, violet pertains to modesty, affection and faithfulness. Violet, being February’s birth flower,


A member of the aster family, Zinnias grow for one season and make great cut flowers. Zinnia is the flower of choice of those who wish to have a busy butterfly garden. White zinnia is said to mean pure goodness while red zinnias connote steadfastness.

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