The Best Flower Gifts Based on Your Mum's MBTI Personality Type

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The Best Flower Gifts Based on Your Mums MBTI Personality Type

Every year, we dedicate the second Sunday of May to recognise the dedication and incomparable love of mothers. Australia's traditional Mother's Day flowers are  'chrissies' or chrysanthemums. Aside from having the word 'mum' in chrysanthemum, these flowers symbolise nurturing love, respect, and gentle affection. Chrysanthemums are also in season and widely available in May, making them popular for Mother's Day.

This is part 1 or a 2 part blog series. If you would like to read part 2 find it here.

Part1: The Best Flower Gifts Based on Your Mum's MBTI Personality Type

This year, choose to be a little more creative and intentional in choosing Mother's Day flowers. Why don't you pick a bloom based on your mum's MBTI personality type?

MBTI stands for Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, a widely used assessment tool categorising personality and behaviour into 16 different types.

Calla Lilies for The Master Planner INTJ Mum

Calla Lilies for The Master Planner INTJ Mum

The graceful and elegant calla lily suits INTJ mothers who demonstrate grace under pressure. The dignified, upright stance of calla lilies mirrors the personality of a Master Planner mum who fosters independence and self-sufficiency. She is the mum who has a plan for everything and excels at homeschooling, which allows her children to make mistakes and learn through experiences.

Tulips for The Intuitive INTP Mum

If your mother is the type who prefers to keep to herself, she may see herself in the beauty of tulips. Tulips' understated charm is like the personality of a calm, intellectual mother who protects, cares for, and supports her children without "hovering" over them. The Intuitive Mum teaches her kids through hands-on activities, real-life experiences, and conversations. She welcomes challenges, delights in her kids' curiosity, and believes there is always room for knowledge.

Roses for The Tough ENTJ Mum

The bold, assertive, and rule-oriented ENTJ mum is a rational disciplinarian. Roses are the perfect Mother's Day flowers for an ENTJ mumma because they're as tough as her. Roses, like ENTJ mums, exude confidence and courage.

Hydrangeas for The Nonconformist ENTP Mum

The creative ENTP mother likes to make a difference by not coddling her children and inspiring them to seek new experiences. She won't easily take offense when you challenge the rules or question norms and traditions.

If you're a freethinker raised by a mum who has created an unorthodox environment for you to explore, discover, and learn, show your appreciation by treating Mum to a bouquet of hydrangeas for Mother's Day.

Hydrangeas are known for their bountiful, long-lasting blooms, which can change colour depending on the soil pH level. A hydrangea plant can even have different flower colours on the same bush if the roots grow on soils of differing pH. This characteristic of hydrangeas is similar to how a "rebel" mum encourages independence, critical thought, and self-reliance in her children.

Hydrangeas for The Nonconformist ENTP Mum

Daisies for The Affectionate INFJ Mum

The gentle look of a daisy mirrors the quiet, inspiring, and encouraging traits of an INFJ mother. This kind of mum enjoys spending time with family, loves taking photographs of her children, and thrives on one-on-one connections.

A lush and vibrant bouquet of daisies is an excellent Mother's Day gift for her. Daisies perfectly represent an INFJ mother's bright, cheerful vibe and deeply empathetic nature.

Zinnias for The Altruistic INFP Mum

Treat your INFP mum to a beautiful bunch of fresh zinnias this Mother's Day. Zinnia is the perfect flower to represent her nondomineering approach to parenting. It symbolises kindness, affection, and enduring love—all pointing to maternal altruism.

Sunflowers for The Connected ENFJ Mum

The mum who likes meaningful conversations and always seeks to connect with her kids has an ENFJ personality represented by a sunflower. Like a sunflower, the ENFJ mum radiates positive energy all around. She sees the glass half-full and offers a comforting presence with her warm disposition and optimistic personality.

Australian Native Flowers for The Adventurous ENFP Mum

If you've got an ENFP mumma who never fails to bring a sense of excitement to everything,  get her a gorgeous bunch of Australian native flowers. The wild and textured look of Australian native blooms perfectly matches her enthusiasm, adaptability, and charisma.  

By matching your flower gift to your mum's personality traits, you make Mother's Day gifting more personal and meaningful. Likewise, you get a deeper understanding and appreciation of your loved one's personality and that of flowers and their power to create deeper connections.

This article covers only half of the 16 personality types measured by the MBTI. Stay tuned for the second part of this post. 


As the daughter of an INTJ "Master Planner" mother, bless her, calla lilies are absolutely perfect for her style. The elegance and dignity of those blooms definitely aligns with my mum's graceful planning nature. She always has a strategy or backup plan in motion! I love how this article links the language of flowers to personality types. Well done!
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