6 Tips to Extend the Vase Life of Roses

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6 Tips to Extend the Vase Life of Roses

While the bouquet of roses you’ve received will leave a lasting impact on your heart and mind, the flower itself won’t last as long.  Cut roses or cut flowers in general wilt and wither, but you can slow their aging process with a few easy-to-do techniques. 

We’re sharing with you today our tried-and-tested ways to keep cut roses fresh for more than a few days.  From the usual 7-day vase life, you can keep your roses alive for up to 21 days with these tips.

1. Make Sure You’re Using a Clean Vase

And a dark one at that.  Clean the vase thoroughly with soap and water.  Rinse it well.  Remember, dirty vases with germs and harmful deposits can affect the flowers’ vase life.  Dark ceramic vases are what we prefer because dark vessels won’t allow sunlight to pass through.  Prolonged exposure to sunlight will cause cut flowers to dry out and wilt more quickly.   

6 Tips to Extend the Vase Life of Roses - keep vase clean

2. Use the Little Packet of Flower Preservative That Comes with the Bouquet

Usually, floral gifts are prepared with a flower food packet containing bleach, citric acid, and sugar.  This floral preservative helps hydrate the blossoms and prevent the growth of bacteria that speeds up wilting.  Prepare the flower food according to the directions on the packet to ensure effectiveness.  

If the floral arrangement you’ve received didn’t come with a sachet of flower food, you could create your own using this recipe: 1 teaspoon each of bleach, vinegar, and sugar mixed in 1-quart water.    

Extra tip: flower food is most effective in freshly cut flowers. 

6 Tips to Extend the Vase Life of Roses - use flower preservatives

3. Use Clean Pruning Shears or a Sharp Knife

Cut and remove at least 1-2inches of the roses’ stems.  Blunt scissors can damage the stem’s cells. Cut roses are extremely delicate and they love moisture.  Trimming the stems daily, for at least half an inch and at an angle of 30-60 degrees, is ideal for better water absorption.  Remember to cut rose stems while holding them under water to minimize air bubbles that will cause blockage.  When cutting the stem, also consider your vase length.

4. Ensuring Freshness: Tips for Preparing Flowers for Vase Display

Take out all the leaves that will be submerged in the water in the vase.  Leaves sitting in water will decompose and promote the growth of bacteria. 

6 Tips to Extend the Vase Life of Roses - tips for pruning flowers

5. Keeping Your Vase Arrangements Fresh and Vibrant

Position the vase arrangement away from any heat source – this means the stove top, radiator, window sill that gets direct sunlight, and even the television.  Cut roses do not like dry, hot air so choose cool and shady spots.

6. The Importance of Daily Water Checks for Cut Flowers

Check and change the water daily.  Cut flowers, in general, do not like dirty, stagnant water.  If it becomes yellow and cloudy, that’s a sign of bacterial growth and complete water replacement is necessary.  You must also re-cut the stems before putting them in a vase with fresh water. 

6 Tips to Extend the Vase Life of Roses - change water daily

To keep your roses healthy for longer, use the cleanest water possible.  Consider using purified or distilled than tap water.  Tap water may be treated with chemicals that can shorten the lifespan of roses. 

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With these six practical tips, you can significantly extend the vase life of your roses, transforming a fleeting gift into a lasting delight. From using a clean, dark vase to daily water changes and proper stem trimming, each step plays a crucial role in keeping your roses vibrant. Embrace these simple yet effective techniques to cherish the beauty and sentiment of your bouquet for up to three weeks.


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