8 Best Cut Flowers for Home Décor

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8 Best Cut Flowers for Home Décor

Turn any room in your home into a relaxing and inviting sanctuary with fresh flowers. Blooms do not only add life to a room; they also bring colour, texture and style. But to make sure the freshness and style won’t be ruined by a bouquet that wilts in less than a week, keep the vase water clean at all times and if you can, choose cut flowers that last long.

Here is a list of our favourite long-lasting blooms that will add an elegant look to your interiors for at least 7 days:


A popular choice, alstroemerias or Peruvian lilies make elegant flower decors in contemporary spaces. The streaks and speckles of this flower are so interesting and diverse that they can instantly add drama and style to any space.

 Colours: yellows, oranges, white, red, purples, oranges, pinks

Vase life:  7 to 14 days

Display tips: Their eye-catching appeal will shine in white vases. You can buy a large bunch in different colours and display them together as a mixed bouquet or arranged from light to dark.

Proper care: Being a thirsty flower, cut alstroemerias must be displayed in a vase full of water. Check the vase often to ensure it’s full.


Bird of Paradise

An eye-catching cut flower, no doubt. This bloom that looks like it’s about to take flight can bring the design style of your home to new heights.

Colours: bright orange and blue

Vase life:  7 to 14 days

Display tips:  Display bird of paradise flowers to give your space a bold and exotic vibe. This cut flower will complement a modern tropical home. This is also the flower to choose when you want a fresh blossom to deliver a striking visual statement in your space.

Proper care: Keep them in a room with cool temperature, away from heat and drafts.



A classic choice, carnations will give your home a dreamy and sophisticated vibe. You have the option to choose large-flowered carnations or spray carnations.

Colours:  pink, red, white, green, purple, yellow

Vase life: 7 to 14 days

Display tips:  Pair them with Baby’s Breath for a romantic centrepiece. Mix pale and dark colours for contrast.

Proper care: Carnations are best displayed in a cool room away from bright sunlight for the entire day. For the longest life, use distilled water and replace it every three days. More flower care tips.


A stunning flower with a wonderful smell, freesias will spruce up your space with its natural charm.

Colours: white, yellow, red, pink, purple

Vase life: up to 3 weeks

Display tips:  You can use just about any kind or style of vase and freesias’ beauty will still shine. Water jugs, jam jars, mini vases – these will all work. For a more “professionally done” styling, criss-cross the stems.

Proper care:  Use floral preservative for a longer vase life. If you prefer not to, take time to cut the stems and change the water everyday or two. It’s best to keep freesias in a humid place, too.



Looking feminine and elegant, you don’t have to exert much effort in arranging lilies in a vase. Their sweet look will instantly fill your home with sophistication and style. 

Colours: white, yellow, pink, red, orange

Vase life:  7 to 14 days

Display tips:  To complement the beauty of long-stemmed flowers like lilies, opt for tall and slender column vases.

Proper care: Lilies like cool spaces. Every three days, cut ½ inch from the stem and replace the water for longer vase life.

Cymbidium Orchids

Colours: white, pink, orange, reds, creams, yellows, greens

Vase life: 4 to 6 weeks

Display tips: This type of orchid can add height and drama to a dull spot in your home. You can use white Cymbidium orchids if you prefer a serene look. Go for amber coloured ones for a sophisticated style.

Proper care:   Provide support for the slender stem so choose a tall, slender vase. Cut ¼ inch from the stem and display in a clean vase with room temperature water.



Colours: yellows, oranges, reds, rusts, crimson browns

Vase life: 7 to 12 days

Display tips:  Let this sunny blossom inspire you to be more creative in flower arranging and displaying flowers in your home. Skip the clear glass vase this time and opt for a flower holder with a bold hue. For a bolder and more vibrant look, pair sunflowers with blooms in brilliant shades like magenta and orange plus neon greens.  

Proper care: Before transferring in a vase, cut the bottom inch of the stem at an angle while submerged in water. Vase water must be replaced every 1-2 days.



Colours: white, cream, yellow, orange, red, purple, pink, multi-coloured

Vase life: 7 to 12 days

Display tips: Choose zinnias that have just began to open. For a simple yet artistic arrangement, use varied stem lengths and zinnia colours on a humble glass jar. For a little more dramatic look, pair zinnias with dahlias or other large blooms. For a sophisticated style, opt for a metallic vase like a petite gold vase to display zinnias in pale or pastel shades.

Proper care: No direct sun please nor any kind of drafts or heat or they will wilt prematurely. Every two days, completely replace the water in the vase. You can replace the water sooner if it becomes dirty or cloudy.

Of course, you need to make sure that these blooms are relatively fresh at the time of freshness. Pick ones with flower stems that are smooth and green, not slimy. There should be no drooping buds or broken stems.

As soon as the flowers reach your home, get them into water. Make a fresh cut on the stem, about an inch or two, while they’re underwater. Use a squeaky clean vase and cutting tools. Don’t forget to remove any leaves that will be below the water surface.


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