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Key Takeaways - 

  • Mauve's Unique Appeal: Mauve flowers, known for their contemporary and sophisticated touch, add elegance to any space.
  • Variety and Versatility: Explore a diverse range from wild mallows to tulips, each bringing its own unique characteristics in the shade of mauve.
  • Longevity and Beauty: Flowers like chrysanthemums and Peruvian lilies, known for their long vase life, are ideal choices for indoor decoration.
  • Gardening Tips: Gain insights on growing and caring for mauve flowers, including the best conditions for thriving foxgloves and cattleya orchids.

In between pink and violet is a beautiful shade called Mauve. This pale, bluish-purple tone is actually named after a flower – the French mallow flower or mauve des bois, or the Malva sylvestris. This is a vigorous plant with showy, bright mauve blooms with dark veins. In Europe, mallow flowers are commonly seen in meadows, hedgerows, and roadsides.

But the wild mallow isn’t the only flower with an attractive mauve colour. Read on and get to know a few more flowers in trendy, rich, and contemporary mauve. 

Mauve Flower - foxglove


Also known as lady’s gloves, goblin gloves, and witches’ gloves.

Easy to grow from seed, foxgloves will provide you with vivid blooms. If you’re growing them in your garden, harvest foxgloves when 1/3 of the flowers are open. Let the remaining blooms open in the vase, and you’ll have a beautiful floral display for about a week.

Look for the mauve Excelsior hybrid or Dalmatian Purple foxglove variety for purple-tinted, mauve-coloured flowers with speckles. The Foxy foxglove variety also produces blooms in purplish-pink or mauve tones.

mauve flowers - Chrysanthemum


The purplish-mauve Regal Mist Purple chrysanthemum looks excellent in vases. This variety has large, compact, globe-shaped blooms. There is also the Sevanthi Purple, Cosmo Purple, and the Gilbert Light Purple for a softer mauve tone. The Chrysanthemum Grandchild has pompom flowers in pink to purple tones. 

Mums have a long vase life. They can stay fresh for at least a week to up to 14 days, and sometimes longer.

mauve flowers - Cattleya orchids

Cattleya orchids

The showy and fragrant Cattleya orchid also comes in a lovely mauve colour. Provide sufficient lighting for this plant for it to bloom. When watering, thoroughly soak the plant, but let it dry out almost completely before the next watering.

Clay pots are ideal when growing cattleya orchids, and this is because of two reasons: the weight of clay anchors the tall plant down and the porous clay material helps prevent root rot by allowing more air.


The fabulous Erysimum linifolium, or wallflower, is an easy-to-grow plant that produces highly colourful blossoms. The Bowles’s Mauve wallflower has stunning, rich mauve four-petalled flowers on long stems with grey-green foliage.

Wallflowers suit beds and borders, rock walls, and containers. This is a sun-loving, drought-tolerant plant.

mauve flowers - waxflowers

Peruvian Lily

A popular cut flower, Peruvian lilies or alstroemerias charm with their cluster of delicate, funnel-shaped blooms in rich colours. They can be displayed on their own or combined with other blooms. They also have a long vase life.

In particular, the alstroemeria “Mauve Majesty” has bright mauve-pink flowers with yellow centre and burgundy streaks.


Mauve tulips make dramatic floral displays. The long-lasting and elegant tulip comes in various purple varieties, and you surely can find one in that perfect mauve tone. You can also go darker or lighter in colour or do some purple-pink mixing and matching.

The Tulipa Queen of the Night has a rich purple tone and a sophisticated peony-like blossom. The Arabian Mystery variety has its mauve petals edged with white. There’s also the rare Blue Parrot tulip and its soft, velvety, and gently outward-curving petals in a breathtaking combination of deep purple and magenta tones.

mauve flowers - 1

An interesting tulip choice would be the bi-coloured Rems Favourite, whose white petals have dark streaks of purple. Tulipa Zurel is another mesmerizing two-toned tulip with delicate mauve, lilac, or rich purple streaks.

Work mauve into your garden or indoor space by planting or displaying a bunch of mauve flowers. The deep tone of mauve blooms can give your space a warm and welcoming ambience. Flowers in mauve colour have an earthy and neutral tone, with enough pigment to make it subtly pop. Mauve flowers are your perfect choice to bring a restrained hint of style and playfulness to a room. 

As we've explored the world of mauve flowers, from the wild mallow to the elegant tulip, it's clear that this unique shade holds a special place in the realm of floriculture. Mauve (and purple), with its subtle yet striking appeal, embodies a blend of contemporary style and natural beauty. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of sophistication to your garden or seeking a distinctive floral arrangement, mauve flowers offer versatility and a sense of warmth. By incorporating these blooms into your space, you can create an atmosphere that is both inviting and stylish. Remember, flowers are not just about colors; they're about the emotions and ambiance they evoke. Mauve, in its quiet elegance, does just that - it transforms spaces and moods, making it a color worth celebrating in the world of flowers.

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