What to Write on a Funeral Flowers Card For Families

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Finding the right words to express the way you fee for a funeral or sympathy occasion and comfort someone who is grieving can seem like an impossible task. However, a thoughtful sympathy card message with flowers by Lily's Florist lets grieving families know you care and are thinking of them during their time of loss and sorrow.

The key is following some simple yet compassionate guidelines for what to say and how to offer comfort in a sympathy card. This provides grieving loved ones heartfelt support.

This card message writing guide for family members that have passed covers the essentials of crafting an appropriate sympathy card note, including:

  • The purpose of a sympathy card for grieving families
  • Phrases to communicate compassion and care
  • Sensitive funeral flower messages friends and family can write
  • Comforting sentiments and stories to include about the deceased
  • Custom sympathy messages based on your relationship

With mindful consideration, your words can help soothe heartache and honour someone's legacy during loss.

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For more information on funerals, types of sympathy flowers, funeral etiquette and more, please visit our Funeral information page.

The Purpose of a Sympathy & Funeral Flowers Card Message

Losing a cherished loved one can be intensely painful. The grief felt after a death leaves families shocked, anguished, and overwhelmed with sorrow.

Receiving a heartfelt sympathy card lets grieving families know you share in their grief during this troubling life transition. Your message, no matter how brief, shows you're thinking of them in their darkest hour.

A thoughtful note delivers more than mere pleasantries. It provides solace and support exactly when people need it most - when grappling with fresh bereavement.

Crafting the right condolence message represents a way to honor someone's memory alongside their mourning relatives. It also forges an opportunity to offer comfort by putting positive shared memories and stories down on paper.

Expert Tips

  • Keep expressions of sympathy and support simple yet sincere. Avoid platitudes or generic phrases.
  • Listen and offer gentle reassurance instead of issuing advice during raw grieving periods. Give them space.

How to Offer Compassion and Comfort

Putting genuine care and support into your condolence card reminds grieving families they don't walk alone in sadness.

First, explicitly communicate sorrow for their loss. Phrases like, "I was so saddened to hear of [name's] passing" open the door to comfort. Follow by sharing your favourite memory or special quality of the deceased that lives on in their legacy.

Maybe a special lesson or act of kindness that touched your life. This shows how this special person made an impact while alive.

Consider offering help or support around practical matters in a sensitive, non-demanding way. "Please reach out if I can contribute meals, help around the house, or lend an ear" demonstrates you aim to genuinely assist.

What Not to Say

Avoid well-intentioned yet insensitive statements, like:

  • "I know how you feel." Every grief journey differs.
  • Minimising their loss with phrases like "At least they lived a long life."
  • Prying with hurtful questions around causes of death or family dynamics. Allow them to share comfortably.

Comforting Sentiments

Uplift the bereaved by highlighting how the deceased touched lives in a meaningful way.

  • "[Name] faced adversity with courage and impacted so many through kindness."
  • Express belief their loved one rests peacefully without pain or suffering. "May cherished memories surround your family with comfort and [name's] radiant spirit live on."

With empathy and care, you can craft consolation messages that resonate with grieving loved ones.

Appropriate Sympathy or Funeral Card Messages

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Writing the perfect sentiment requires care and a personal touch. Customise based on your relationship to the deceased.

For Family Members

If consoling grieving parents, children or siblings, focus on shared warm memories of the deceased. Highlight endearing qualities and reassuring messages.

  • "Comfort and peace to you during this difficult time. [Name] was a kind soul who brightened our lives."
  • "I'll always remember [name's] wonderful laugh that filled the room."
  • "Wishing your family strength and courage through this heartbreaking loss."

Offer yourself as a listening ear or shoulder to lean on as they grieve.

For the Loss of a Spouse

Losing a husband, wife or lifelong partner devastates on the deepest level. Celebrate the love and bond they shared.

  • "[Name] spoke so highly of you and your marriage filled with joy."
  • "I'm always here to listen and reminisce about your fondest memories together."

Provide space for the journey ahead while conveying support.

At Lily's Florist, we understand writing funeral or sympathy card messages can feel overwhelming during such an emotionally difficult time. That's why we've introduced a card message helper to thoughtfully guide the condolence writing process. 

Here is an example of what you could write to get a response:

"I need a card message for my Aunty Jane's who recently passed going to her uncle Tom. She was very close to me and I will miss her..."

Actual response from our Sympathy Card Message Assistant:

In loving memory of Aunt Jane, may her spirit live on in our hearts forever. My deepest condolences to you, Uncle Tom, during this difficult time.

Try Our Sympathy & Funeral Flowers Card Message Assistant

Seeds of Wisdom

Writing meaningful sympathy card messages proves challenging. However, by focusing on purposeful sentiments that comfort grieving families, we forge connections during loss.

Sincere notes deliver heartfelt support when relatives need it most. Uplift spirits by emphasising how someone touched lives while living. Share your available shoulder as an ongoing source of solace and memories.

Losing aunts, parents, spouses or life partners leaves holes no words can completely fill. Yet thoughtful condolences remind mourners that despite death's sting, cherished bonds and kind virtues never fade. Their loved one's radiant spirit lingers on through those left behind.

Please know I'm here for anything needed as you carry grief moving forward.


As someone who struggles to find the right words when sending sympathy cards, I appreciate these helpful tips!
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