Rose Fire Arrangement

Rose Fire Arrangement

Our Rose Fire Arrangement is an enormously Extravagant array of mixed roses that really give you a feeling of Summer like orange, red, and yellow. This arrangement skillfully put together and also features an off green mix of rustic foliage that adds further drama to this amazing arrangement. The idea behind the green is that it perfectly brings out, and neutralises the background, meaning the the rose colours are even more pronounced.

The arrangement is not so much of a traditionally romantic piece, rather it’s more about making a statement, which may mean a statement of love, or making a statement to a friend how much you care for them. Mum may love them to, either for her birthday, or for Mother’s Day.

If you are sending these to someone you know quite well, be sure to let them know that the sooner they more water is added, the better, for roses tend to be a little thirsty. The box comes with water, so perhaps check the day after they the flowers are delivered.

Like always, the roses you see here are available today, for same day delivery.



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