White Lily & Rose Sheath

White Lily & Rose Sheath

Are you curious about the difference between funeral flowers and simply flowers? Or, perhaps would like to learn more about what flowers to send for a funeral service? If you would like to learn more read about it here.

The main difference between the two types of flowers is that sympathy flowers tend to be send to family homes of the deceased, whereas funeral flowers to be sent to the ceremony or to the cemetery.

With that in mind our white lily and rose sheath has been designed specifically as a funeral flower product and therefore it is preferably sent to the church or Cemetery. In actual fact flower sheaths are usually designed to lay on the funeral Casket or on the ground below the casket in the church.

This particular flower sheet features gorgeous lilies and stunning white roses and it's a fitting way to celebrate the life of someone recently lost.

These flowers are available for same day delivery to all local churches and cemeteries.