Bestselling Purple Flowers

Brighten someone’s day with the royal hue of purple. Shop at Lily’s Florist and get a purple flower arrangement for someone you care about. Our hand-prepared bouquets with purple blooms are guaranteed to bring relaxation, inspire creativity, and make any recipient feel special.

Vast Selection of Vivid Violet Flower Arrangements

Dramatic purple salvias, globes of ornamental purple allium, violet anemones, purple lily of the Nile, glorious bee orchids, bell heather in purple, violet China asters with yellow center, rich violet Dendrobium orchids, foxgloves and waxflowers in purple – these are all the violet blooms we use in our purple flower arrangements. 

Whichever violet floral creation you pick, you’re guaranteed of a lavish display of fresh flowers in the colour of luxury.

Why Choose Purple Flowers

Purple is a beautiful shade that depicts nobility, sensuality, royalty, mystery and magic. It is the colour to inspire creativity and peace and to celebrate authenticity and femininity. You may want to pick purple flowers to uplift one’s spirit and trigger imagination and spirituality. 

Purple flowers, being quite a bit rare, are also perfect for saying “You’re one-of-a-kind” or “You’re special.” Send a purple bouquet to express admiration or to recognise the recipient’s accomplishment. Purple flowers make great congratulations gift to celebrate an important transition in life like a career advancement, engagement, a new home, or a major life change.

Lavenders and Lilacs for your Garden

Want to give your yard a royal touch? Plant purple flowers. Cosmos, pansies, cyclamens, crocus, monkshood, catmint, candytuft, clematis, geranium, rhododendron, verbena, wisteria, foxglove, heliotrope, gladiolus, petunia, morning glory, salvias, sweet peas and zinnias all come in the luxurious shade of purple. Yes, you’re not limited to just hydrangeas and lavenders for that rich and regal shade of violet. 

Add character to your living space by decorating with purple flowers. Order a bunch of violet blooms today and conveniently bring mystery, plus a soothing and sensual vibe, to any room in your home.

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