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Spread happiness through flowers. Surprise your family, friends and loved ones with an unexpected delivery of fresh flowers and bring smiles to their hearts. Flowers are known to induce positive emotional responses so take advantage of the charm of a fresh bloom to make someone feel special and loved.

Send Flowers To Australia Through Lily’s Florist

Lily’s Florist is here to take care of the prompt delivery of your fresh flower gift. We offer next day and same day flower deliveries six days a week. Place an order before 2PM during Mondays to Fridays and before 10AM during Saturdays for same day delivery.

Our delivery areas cover suburbs in Melbourne and regional Victoria, all of regional New South Wales including Newcastle, all of Sydney, Brisbane and all of Queensland and Far North Queensland to cities like Townsville & Cairns, Northern Territory, Western Australia, regional South Australia including Adelaide, Tasmania, and Australian Capital Territory including flowers to Canberra and all it's suburbs suburbs. Lily’s Florist delivers not just to residential addresses but also to businesses, hospitals, retirement villages, nursing homes, funeral homes and cemeteries, schools, and churches.

All our flower creations are stylishly put together by hand by experienced and talented local florists. We have formed a strong network of qualified local florists who are passionate about flower arranging, flower decorating, and the language of flowers. When you order a flower gift form Lily’s Florist, you are getting a bespoke arrangement of hand-selected blossoms from the finest local growers in Australia.

Our local florists do not just gather and assemble flowers. Each ensemble is thoughtfully designed to evoke the message of the sender. We aim to please both the recipient and the gift-giver. You can be confident that flowers delivered by Lily’s Florist are not just impressive in style and value but also expressive in design and symbolic in meaning.

Wide Variety of Fresh Flowers Gifts You Can Send Today

Over a hundred flower gift options await you at our online flower shop. Included in our large selection of beautiful flower gifts are:

It’s now easy to find thoughtful gifts to celebrate a birthday, graduation, promotion, anniversary, or a milestone. Lily’s Florist is here to help you extend your good wishes, express your joy and share good vibes through beautiful flower gifts. Sending flowers is more convenient and affordable too at Lily’s Florist.

Our online flower store accepts orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether you are in Australia or in a different country, you can easily order and send flowers to your loved ones in the Land Down Under. All it takes is just a few clicks and swipes on your computer or mobile device and your flower gift will be ready to be delivered right to the recipient’s doorstep.

Inexpensive Flower Treats Delivered Australia Wide

Lily’s Florist is the #1 online florist in Australia offering the best flower deals. Where else can you find a single rose bouquet for just $28? Buying flowers online is not only handy; it is also more budget-friendly.

Lily’s Florist offers amazing deals on romantic anniversary flowers with wine, vase arrangements of sweet-smelling lilies, boxed arrangements of vibrant roses and carnations, baskets of mixed flowers, and flowers with extra gifts.

We’re generous with flowers and with passing on savings to our customers. See our products Under $50 and find pocket-friendly flower gifts presented in stylish keepsake vases. Some of these vases even come for free. We also offer free chocolates to selected flower arrangements. Cool, right?

And because our flowers are locally sourced, no transport cost is added to our product pricing. We keep our rates competitive by investing in our people. Without a big overhead, we are able to pass on our savings to our customers.

Buy flowers at Lily’s Florist with confidence and enjoy the lowest prices on fresh flower gifts with prompt delivery to anywhere in Australia.

As one of nature’s many gifts, flowers have that special magic that never fails to cause positive emotional responses. It’s obvious that flowers make people feel happy. Such flower power has been recognised since ancient times. Read on and find out when and where flower arranging and gift-giving all began.

Where Flower Arranging and Flower Gift-Giving Started

Flower arranging started in ancient Egypt, as early as 2,500 BCE. Flowers are stylishly arranged in vases to be used as table decorations or for processions and burials. The choice of flowers is given emphasis and blooms with religious significance are usually chosen. The ancient Greeks and Romans also used flowers but arranged them into wreaths and garlands and not in vases. In the Han era of ancient China, flower arrangements were used in medicine and religious teaching. Floral arrangements in the Byzantine Empire featured cone-shaped designs where flowers and foliage were placed in urns and chalices. In 1000 CE, flower arranging was introduced in Europe and was used to decorate churches and monasteries.

Arrangements during the Baroque period featured symmetrical and oval-shaped floral designs. They tend to be more proportioned and compact and bouquets featured a medley of mixed blossoms. The French Baroque period introduced soft and dainty floral designs featuring asymmetrical C-crescent and S-shape styles. By AD 1714-1760, Georgian arrangements’ formal and symmetrical designs gained popularity. Small flower arrangements like posies, also known as nosegays or tussie-mussies, also became popular. Large, lavish, showy and free-form flower arrangements marked the Victorian era.

The language of flowers affected all these eras of history but it is the Victorian culture that ultimately gave meaning to every flower. During Queen Victoria’s reign, rules and customs were observed to abide by proper etiquette. Outright flirtations and romantic conversations or encounters were prohibited at this time so people resorted to the use of flowers to secretly convey messages of affection. It was during the Victorian Era where dictionaries of the language of flowers were published. Soon, the use of flowers to communicate became popular and it spread throughout England. Flowers were then not just used to relay messages of interest, affection or love but also of negative messages.

Present Day Flower Deliveries

The tradition of flower gift giving continues up to this day. The tradition is mostly observed during Valentine’s Day where lovers communicate their sweet affection through the natural fragrance, beauty and charm of flowers. Other special occasions were flowers are commonly sent as gifts are Mother’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, and funerals.

Researchers from the field of Evolutionary Psychology have studied the relationship of positive emotions and flowers. While there is very little existing theory that explains how the two are related, their research done in 2004-2005 claim that fresh blossoms have “immediate and long-term effects on emotional reactions, mood, social behaviors and even memory for both males and females.” A psychology professor at McKnight Brain Institute in the University of Florida also supports the power of flowers in bringing positive emotions. A study published in the Hort Technology Journal of American Society for Horticultural Sciences also showed that floral displays have positive effects on human emotions.

At Lily’s Florist, we’re committed to innovating the practice of sending flowers by making it easy, convenient and more affordable for everyone. 

Lily’s Florist’s beautiful floral gifts are soothing and uplifting, mood-boosting and stress-busting. You can buy Lily’s Florist’s flowers online or by phone.

Field-Fresh Flowers

Our roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, lilies, tropical flowers, native flowers, and seasonal flowers are sourced from local growers. You won’t get any stale flowers shipped from overseas days ago. We have daily deliveries of locally sourced blossoms harvested and cut late in the afternoon or evening when they have more stored food or early in the morning when they are stuffed full of water. Certain flowers are cut in the bud stage or when they’re just starting to open so the recipient can see it bloom fully.

Handpicked and Hand-selected

Each bloom is carefully nurtured and meticulously inspected from stem, foliage, and every petal. Our quality control specialists have high grading standards to ensure that each blossom used in an arrangement is of absolute perfection. Our ultimate goal is to deliver the freshest flowers arranged in the most impressive and expressive style.

Effortless Online Ordering System

Lily’s Florist believes that the process of buying and sending gifts should be a pleasure in itself. Hence, we made sure that you will have the best flower shopping experience right here at Lily’s Florist. From selecting which flowers to get to adding your personal message and paying for your order, we made sure that the process is easy and effortless.

We use a secure online ordering system under a safe and secure server with unique encryption sessions. Your personal information will be absolutely protected when interacting with an online payment system. Our servers are tested on a daily basis to ensure that they are safe to host your shopping.

Speedy Same Day or Next Day Delivery Australia Wide

We know you only want the very best and we make every effort to give you just that. We understand that sending flowers to your loved ones is a thoughtful and sweet gesture for you to express your emotions. As such, our team is wholly committed to provide you with quality flower gifts and superior delivery service.

Our dedicated courier florists are experienced in handling highly perishable items like flowers. Your gift will be hand-delivered with care, on time and at the correct location.

Discover Lily’s Florist’s Family of Local Florists in Australia

In here, you’ll find a tight-knit network of exceptional local florists who will send fabulous flowers for you. You’ll get a genuine boutique florist experience without having to personally visit a florist’s studio. We’ve done the hard work to offer you the convenience and practicality of ordering fresh flowers and unique gifts online or over the phone.

Our passionate local florists are dedicated professionals who have a wealth of experience in traditional and contemporary floristry. You can be confident that your flower order will be prepared with creative flair by a reputable local artisan.

Looking at sending flowers to specific parts of Australia? Why not visit one of our partner online florists’ websites:

Want to know more about floristry, flower care, flower designs and the latest news about flowers? Check out our Blog for informative and interesting articles about flowers.

Lily’s Florist has been in business since 2008 and we’ve earned the reputation of being a trusted online florist in Australia. With years of experience plus passion and dedication, we promise you complete satisfaction on every flower order.

There’s no better place to order fresh flowers online than here at Lily’s Florist. We are always ready to help you send a lovely gift of fresh flowers that accurately delivers your heartfelt message. We’ve got the perfect flower arrangements that you can send for, Birthdays, Anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, New Year, Graduation/Promotion/Congratulations, New Baby, Wedding, Corporate/Business Gifts, and Housewarming / Home Décor.

Our florist-designed bunches, vase arrangements, boxed arrangements, and bouquets always come with a great price. So send flowers to your friends, co-workers, relatives and loved ones and let our handmade flower gift delight their hearts.

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