Blue Mist Bunch With Free Chocolates

Blue Mist Bunch With Free Chocolates

Uniqueness, beauty and lovely colour combinations. Our Blue Mist is something sweet, pretty, one of a kind, specific.

What makes it amazing?

Free chocolates in this offer to go along with the flowers. These flowers are especially hand-picked and chosen, straight from local markets, and they take away a recipient's breath wherever they are seen - be it the home or the office.

Is there a better combination that white and beige pastels with inky deep blue?

If you need to stand out from the crowd of guests to a certain event where everybody brings flowers, choose the Blue Mist. The white roses are incredibly delicate and gentle for a touch of freshness. The lime colour blooms will ‘steal’ a second, a third look and maybe more, with their lovely massive blossomed crowns to embellish the whole entire bunch. The small flowers are the most perfect, rich, deep royal blue or inky blue and add a bit of sophistication to the bright hues and colours you see here. Choose Blue Mist perfection.



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