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Experience the vibrant burst of our Bright Arrangement with Chocolates. Infuse their day with cheer and comfort, or extend it to a loved one in need. Banish the blues, enhance your mood. Don't wait, embrace positivity now. Order today and taste the sweetness of joy!

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'Magic flowers and magic service. 'The flowers delivered by Lily's Florist to my friend in Albury NSW were, according to my lady, "Wonderful". The service was beyond reproach. Thank you very much.' Source: Feefo
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Bouquet of Joy

Immerse your loved ones in a wave of joy with our vibrant flower arrangement paired with delectable chocolates. Gift this exquisite duo to a dear friend and help erase the memory of a challenging week.

Empathy in Bloom

When physical distance keeps you apart, let this thoughtful bouquet bridge the gap. The radiant mixed flowers and rich chocolates in this arrangement offer an excellent way to empathise, bringing a sparkle of cheer.

The Comfort of Chocolates

Ranked high among comfort foods, chocolates carry an unrivalled charm. Our box of sweet cacao treats activates the brain's reward system, increasing feelings of well-being and contentment, and helping to alleviate anxiety and negativity.

Vibrant Mood Enhancers

Our fresh flowers, with their vivid colours, are natural mood boosters. Research shows that seeing colours like red and pink releases dopamine, a hormone linked to motivation and goal-oriented behaviour.

Banish the Blues

Shrug off sadness with this pairing of bright flowers and chocolates. Perfect for personal indulgence during tough times, this arrangement promises to uplift your mood. Take a moment to savour the chocolates and smell the flowers - positivity awaits.


Easy site to navigate and great feedback from the recipient. Order ref: 466683
Website easy to use and had a good selection. Delivered as requested. I didn't see the flowers but I'm told they were great! Order ref: 464650
I didn't place the order online, I did it over the phone with special instructions. The website is perfect, very easy to follow. Order ref: 462988
Online order payment difficulty. I had no difficulty ordering the flowers I wanted...except when I went to pay for them it wouldn't accept any spelling of my surname which meant I could not proceed with the order. I had to then ring the company to arrange and pay for the order. Order ref: 461318
Highly recommended. Excellent customer service with beautiful flower arrangements. Order ref: 460885
Happy to recommend. Transaction was pleasant, efficient with a good product offering. Order ref: 459904
I arranged from Sydney for delivery to Cairns my daughter-in-law was so delighted with her birthday flowers. Order ref: 456438
Beautiful arrangement. Super fast delivery between states within 2 hours and on a Saturday. So happy I chose Lily's Florist. Thank you, great service ???? Order ref: 456091
Great service, lovely flowers. Very helpful service when I phoned to order the flowers. My niece loved them! Order ref: 454796
Was a late delivery even though I ordered days before. Order ref: 451133
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