Birth Month Flower: Chrysanthemum November

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Birth Month Flower: Chrysanthemum November

Make someone’s birthday extra memorable this year by sending a gift that’s beautiful and extra thoughtful.  Choose flowers but don’t just send the usual birthday bouquet.  Be more intentional with your gift and select a floral ensemble that speaks to the birthday celebrant’s heart.  You can go for a bouquet with her favourite blossoms or a lush ensemble of mixed blooms in her favourite colour.  You can also select a floral gift that exudes a vibe mirroring the celebrant’s personality.  Then there’s the option to choose an extra large bouquet of her birth month flower. 

For those born on the 11th month of the year, the birth month flower is Chrysanthemum.  Let’s take a closer look at this hugely popular flower and discover its unique meanings and symbolism. 

Chrysanthemum Facts

Nicknamed “mums,” chrysanthemums have been around for quite a long time and were first grown in China.  The word chrysanthemum comes from the ancient Greek chrys meaning gold and anthemion, meaning flower. 

They belong to the chrysanthemum genus in the Asteraceae family.  You will find thousands of chrysanthemum varieties and you’ll see them in different flower forms and colours. 

Chrysanthemum flowers are edible and the flavour varies depending on the type.  You can use the flowers to make tea or sprinkle fresh or dried petals on soups and salads. 

Chrysanthemum Facts

In general, mums are easy to care for and will grow in various conditions.  They’re drought-tolerant and resistant to pests and diseases. 

Chrysanthemum Meanings and Symbolism

The extra vibrant and super colourful mums carry different meanings given their rich history and diverse variety.  

Chrysanthemum Meanings and Symbolism

In Chinese culture, chrysanthemums are associated with good fortune and long life making them appropriate gifts for birthdays and baby showers. 

In Japan, mums are linked to perfection, longevity, and nobility.  It’s a symbol of the imperial family.  It is also a flower associated with goodwill, harvest, and rejuvenation.  Japan celebrates National Chrysanthemum Day every 9th of September.  

Birth Month Flower: Chrysanthemum November bouquet

The chrysanthemum is a flower of friendship and happiness in the United States.  Dubbed the “Queen of the Fall Flowers,” mums are among the largest commercially produced blooms.  Chrysanthemums are used as corsages for Homecoming football games and are popular get-well and housewarming flower gifts. 

In most European countries, though, chrysanthemums are known as the death flower.  They’re reserved as funeral or memorial flowers in Belgium, France, and Austria.  In Great Britain, however, chrysanthemums are seen as a flower symbolizing longevity and happiness. 

Birth Month Flower: Chrysanthemum November - garden

In Australia, chrysanthemums are the traditional Mother’s Day flower.  These showy, long-lasting flowers bloom in autumn in Australia, just in time for Mother’s Day celebration which is the second Sunday of May. 

Chrysanthemums are also said to reflect the character of people born in the month of November.  This humble flower speaks of a November-born’s self-effacing nature.  The radiant and colourful chrysanthemum also has an optimistic vibe reminiscent of a November-born’s confident and cheerful personality.  And just like the low-maintenance chrysanthemum, most poeple born in the month of November are seen as pleasant and congenial. 

Celebrate a November-born’s special day with an expressive flower gift featuring her birth month flower – chrysanthemums.  Send mums and show your loved one how you see her as like the “golden flower” while also expressing your wishes of joy, good luck, and long life.    


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