When they say ‘It’s better to give than to receive,’ that’s true and we believe it will be a thoughtful gesture if you give something nice and grand like Lily’s Florist gift hampers! Why don’t you begin the chain of generosity and happiness in celebrations and simple thoughtful days by giving this to your family and friends? We’ll help you get started!

Our gift hampers are one of the reasons why Lily’s Florist is a household name to many. We do not only provide you with stunning floral gifts but other fun treats and items as well. We provide what you want and need because we are your trusted one-stop shop for your flower and gift necessities.

Did you know that these can be delivered the same day? We deliver to homes, hospitals, and your preferred location the same day. Make sure you place your order on or before 2 PM when ordering on a weekday and before 10 AM when ordering on a Saturday. If your order does not make it to the cut-off time, we will deliver the package promptly the next day.

You need not go out of the house or take a break from work just to buy someone a present on birthdays, holidays, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or just because. With a simple browse on your Iphone, Android phone, or desktop computer, you can already access our detailed website where you can see our collection of gift hampers. Choose the one which will fit your recipient’s taste and order without difficulty as you pay online through your credit cards or PayPal account. No worries, your private information are protected by our secured website.

Bring some flavour to your recipient’s sense of taste when you give them our Gift Hamper filled with Savoury Treats. Let their taste buds go gaga over the assorted mix of flavoursome treats that will emphasize FUN in any occasion. You can send this as a birthday present, an anniversary treat for your foodie partner, or a welcome gesture for the family who just moved in next door.

Don’t miss out on our bestselling Gift Hamper Filled with Sweet Treats, as the name implies, it is a basket full of sweetness! Prepare yourself to be embraced by a thousand ‘thank yous’ when you give this to anyone you fancy. This gift package is ready for consumption and ready for sharing anytime and anywhere it is delivered. Give us a call and order this heaven sent on earth gift for your family and friends.

Type out your ‘feeling grateful’ post online after ordering our Thank You Package for someone who has done you something you want to thank for. Saying thank you is great but saying it with this floral package is greater. Feel a heartfelt appreciation from your recipient as he or she receives this gift packed with a collaboration of the brightest farm fresh flowers plus a basket full of seasonal fruits. Buy now and get an incredible $20 off the original price.

If you are wondering what you could give to your mum, sister, or wife that they would truly appreciate, get them our Pamper Hamper. Lily’s Florist acknowledges the hard work women do; may it be at home or in the work place. To give back, we decided to make something that would give them a chance to relax and recharge for the next busy day. This hamper has soap, scented candles, hand cream, body wash, face wash, and chocolates! Your recipient will love this!

Can I add some extra items in a gift hamper? Add all you can! It’s true what they say – the more, the merrier and feeling a little more generous is not at all bad. Feel free to add something extra like balloons or a bottle of white wine, sparkling wine, or French Champagne.

Make each day feel like a celebration, order Lily’s Florist Gift Hampers now!