New Baby Boy Arrangement + Teddy

New Baby Boy Arrangement + Teddy

The word is out, usually these days by Facebook, that there is a new baby boy and you Mum in town!

Have you considered spoiling the new mum and bub with flowers and gifts? If the answer is no then why not consider this super cute combination of bright coloured seasonal flowers and a super cuddly teddy bear.

As a gift to you today you can save a very handy $20 on this package of flowers and gifts. It's perfect for a hospital as the flowers are set in a box which means that when the flowers are delivered to the hospital then Mum won't need to worry about asking the nurses for a vase which, in most cases, they simply will not have. The great thing about a box also is that it generally encourages the flowers to last longer and Mum may even get to take them home if she so chooses.

Please note that the box showing here is with display purposes only however if it's a boy we will not use pink. These of course are also available to same day delivery to any hospital.


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