New Baby Boy Package

New Baby Boy Package

You just received the great news, one of your friends or loved ones just gave birth to a wonderful new baby boy, so what are you going to buy them?

Why not consider our new baby boy package. It features a great saving of $20 to begin with which is really cool if you're on a budget. It also features some stunning seasonal coloured flowers, a baby boy blue in balloon, a really cosy and comfy to cuddle teddy bear, and the flowers are delivered in a box which means it can be left next to the bed, therefore it does not need a vase.

This is a really thoughtful gift for a new Mum and we can deliver this to any public hospital in Australia and any private hospital in Australia. As always though, please ensure before you order that you have all the relevant information about where the patient has had the baby, all the patients personal details, the wing number and the room number.


Want to add balloons or chocolates? Scroll below to take a look at our extras.