New Baby Girl Arrangement + Teddy

New Baby Girl Arrangement + Teddy

This feminine assortment of seasonal flowers has been designed to suit the birth of a new baby girl full stop as it said in a box it's particularly aimed at being delivered to a hospital as hospitals never have vases in stock.

The flowers also include a teddy bear for the new baby to cuddle on those first few nights in the new world.

Buying this today you can save $20. Don't forget to add, or at least think about adding, extras such as a box of chocolates or congratulations balloons which we're sure will be much appreciated buy the new.

We offer a same day flower delivery service to all public and private hospitals from Monday to Saturday every week of the year. Please ensure that you provide all the correct hospital, wind, and room details of the patient you are sending flowers to.


Want to add balloons or chocolates? Scroll below to take a look at our extras.