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Red Ruby Bunch, a vibrant bouquet symbolising passion and power. This stunning array of lilies and foliage is more than a gift, it's a heartfelt message. Make a statement today, order the Red Ruby Bunch and let your feelings bloom.

Vase not included.

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Introducing the Red Ruby Bunch

Welcome to the world of our Red Ruby Bunch, a flower bunch that's more than a mere assortment of flowers. This vibrant array of lilies and foliage is a potent symbol of passion and power, a gift that eloquently communicates your deepest sentiments. View all red flowers.

What's In The Bunch?

  • Red roses, which are classic symbols of love and romance.
  • Pink lilies, likely Stargazer lilies, known for their striking appearance and fragrant perfume.
  • Green chrysanthemums, adding a fresh and vibrant contrast to the deep reds and pinks.

This arrangement combines the rich, velvety allure of roses with the exotic beauty of lilies, all balanced by the cheerful presence of green mums. It's a dynamic and visually striking combination that would make a statement in any setting.

We also sell our Red Ruby in a boxed arrangement.

A Testament to Beauty and Strength

Each lily in the Red Ruby Bunch stands as a beacon of beauty and resilience, encapsulating the very spirit of love. The striking reds aren't merely attention-grabbing, they're heart-stirring, designed to inspire and captivate. This isn't just a bunch of flowers, it's a declaration of friendship, of love, of best wishes, get well and much, much more.

Elegance in Foliage

But our Red Ruby Bunch isn't solely about the lilies. The lush foliage accompanying them injects a dash of elegance and sophistication. It's a harmonious blend of boldness and subtlety, a combination destined to impress any recipient.

For the Discerning Lady

This isn't a flower bunch for just any lady. It's a bunch for a lady who savours the finer things in life, who recognises the power of a well-selected gift. It's a bunch for a lady who knows her worth, who merits nothing less than the best.

More Than a Gift

The Red Ruby Bunch is more than a gift. It's a message, a proclamation of love and admiration. It's a way to express what words can't, a way to show that special someone just how much they mean to you.

Make a Statement Today

So, why wait? Make a statement. Show your love. Order the Red Ruby Bunch today and let the flowers speak volumes. Because sometimes, the most powerful messages are those that are felt, not heard.

Dive Deeper into the World of Flowers

For those who wish to delve deeper into the fascinating world of flowers, we invite you to explore our blog post, All About Dahlias. This comprehensive guide provides a wealth of information about these stunning blooms, from their history and symbolism to their care and cultivation.

While our Red Ruby Bunch focuses on the power of lilies, understanding the beauty and significance of other flowers like dahlias can enrich your appreciation of floral gifts. So, why not broaden your floral knowledge? After all, every flower has a story to tell, and understanding these stories can add another layer of meaning to your gift.

Vase not included.


I found your website easy to navigate, and your product was very professionally arranged and delivered. Thank you, you made my wife’s day. Order ref: 519378
Delivered on day required. Flower bouquet was beautiful. Flowers were fresh and just as on the photo description. Would highly recommend. Order ref: 515975
Excellent - order was completed quickly. Order ref: 513890
Excellent Service. Very helpful because of the detail and photos. I appreciated the phone call to discuss the flowers. Order ref: 513259
Ordering was quick and easy and the quality of the flowers were amazing. Order ref: 510000
Efficient service and easy to order. Order ref: 506604
Great company, were very quick to get the flowers to my partner. Order ref: 506454
Excellent quality of flowers but... Would've given 5 stars but judging by what was pictured on the website/the number of flowers and what I ordered, and paid, (Premium bunch) the bouquet should have had more flowers. Bit disappointed, as this was supposed to wow my daughter, who has never had flowers delivered to her. Feeling short-changed. Order ref: 506191
The flowers were beautiful and thank you with your help. Order ref: 475600
Excellent service and product. I sent flowers to my beautiful Aunt and she was so happy with the arrangement. Thank you! Order ref: 440905
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