VIP Bright Bunch

VIP Bright Bunch

The magical VIP Bright Bunch! They are great for any occasion where you want to show off your love and affections toward someone.

Only genuine emotions are entangled in this bunch of gorgeous flowers. The lush rose blooms will stun anyone that gets them. The attention will bounce off from one rose to the next one, and then the next one!

The pinks are like a dreamy sweetheart love or a classy cocktail night for a young girl with allure, beauty and a dash of cuteness. The yellow ones are so bright as if the Sun was peaking in your hands and among the flowers. Then we have bright pinks like pastel dreams and also purple blooms like velvet summer night with mysterious winds. All of the flowers emit a fragrance as if you are in a fairy tale movie, or about to be kissed, or as if perfumes scents linger in the air.

The vase will not come with the offer included. Enter the code 15%offtoday and get your discount.


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