VIP Bunch Red Tones

VIP Bunch Red Tones

Although summer is virtually here, the growers really work year-round to cherish and display the flowers in this stunning array of brightly coloured red gerberas and roses, cream carnations and mixed foliage. The days of spring may be numbered, but the beauty of summer lasts and lasts.

Oh the amazing Bunch Red Tones!

This array of flowers is so magical, you won’t keep your eyes off of it! All of the colours are splendidly gorgeous. They are rich, vibrant, full of emotions you actually see!

Lovely red gerberas that are the right shade of red; fit for a lady with sophistication, a woman with class, a girl you have a real crush on.

Then the even lovelier deep crimson red roses, resembling royal velvet will embellish the array even more! And then we have the lovely bright pastel, creamy carnations that break up the beautiful reds and bring a spark of freshness with the foliage of big leaves underneath.

They will remind you of a spring night, or of early autumn where nature has deeper, luxurious colours with warm, deep, pretty and lush shades. Vase is not included.

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