6 Red Roses Arrangement

6 Red Roses Arrangement

This gift is ideal for a special dinner, an important anniversary, Valentine's Day, a surprise for your friend at work, or an impulsive show of affection.

We're pleased to help you make someone feel very special, and each of our six red roses is tested for defects to guarantee you are receiving only the best.

Please note that this arrangement of roses is set in a flower box, therefore it will be very useful as a gift for someone is at work, for someone that is unwell in a hospital, and perhaps then someone the telling you baby.

We would also like you to know that the box you see here on display in the photograph is one we have used purely to display the photos on our website. The box you receive will most likely be different from this one and be far more in line with what the flowers are being sent for.

How will we know what the flowers are for?

In almost all cases we all know what the flowers for simply by the card message you give to us when you order online, or message you give to us over the phone. We would never give and brown box for example to go with red roses, in the same way we would never give up blue box to go with red roses for a woman's birthday.


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