Florist's Choice Arrangement

Florist's Choice Arrangement

Are you looking to liven up the home with flowers for a loved one, but are not that sure how to go about doing that?

Why not then consider getting our gifted flower designers and florists to make you a fully customised florist's choice flower arrangement using specifically just the freshest flowers that we have in our shop.

One of the other great benefits of choosing our florists choice arrangement is that if you're short on time choosing this may just suit you as it's most likely that you will be ordering these from work which is never easy.

What is the difference between a bunch of flowers and an arrangement of flowers?

There is a big difference between them both. A bunch simply is an assortment of flowers wrapped in paper a vase will be required upon receiving a bunch of flowers. An arrangement of flowers on the other hand come in a specially designed box that contains the flowers and also special flower food which extends the life of the flowers. The other benefit to a box is that they can go easily into a hospital or just as easily sit on an office desk.

Note: The photo shown is a visual example of our Florist’s Choice Arrangement. Size choice will determine the volume of the floral bunch. Please order before 2PM Monday to Friday for same day weekday delivery.



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