Native Arrangement + Box Of Chocolates

Native Arrangement + Box Of Chocolates

Showcase the beauty and richness of Australian flora through this mesmerising ensemble of native blossoms presented in a decorative display box.

The demand for native flowers is increasing by leaps and bounds. But don't worry, Australia's highly fertile soil can supply what's needed. In fact, there is now a steady rise in the wildflower growing business. We cannot really pinpoint if Australian's thirst for natives is just a fashion thing at the moment or a genuine new found appreciation for wildflowers and native blooms. Regardless, native flowers are undeniably striking and charming and worthy to be recognised. Take pride in its attractiveness by displaying a natives flower arrangement in your home or by sending one to a friend or family member.

Here is one eye-catching natives set in a box paired with a box of chocolates that you can send to keep in touch with your loved ones. You can send this hand-arranged floral creation as a birthday gift or a hostess gift, too. Whoever receives this good-looking box of long-lasting natives will definitely be impressed by its unique form and character.


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