Welcome to our range of on sale flowers, this range has been expertly designed and features a large range of cheap flowers.Our on sale range has been designed to give you great value when purchasing flowers for loved ones and friends alike.This range of on sale flowers is exclusive to Lily's Florist Australia.

Our onsale range has many highlights some and would like to share with you today. The first night we would like to discuss is one of the most popular in this really cool range and it is our Thank You Package. Our Thank You Package actually evolved through requests from customers like you, the premise behind the package is simply a way that our customers can express their gratitude for something that has been done for them or to them by someone they love or care about. One of the most common reasons for sending this gift seems to be, at least amount research, when someone has stayed at someone's house and they would like to simply say thank you.

Another common occasion for a thank you package to be sent is a little on the romantic side and that is our customers simply saying thank you to a wife or a girlfriend ‘for being you’, that is, ‘you are simply amazing’. If you buy this package online today you can save an incredible $20 off the list price and the package features a lovely basket of fresh and healthy fruit, plus a seasonal mix of simply stunning mixed coloured flowers that look just lovely in the home or the office. The flowers are arranged expertly in a box therefore they will not need a flower vase and can be sent pretty much anywhere. The box that the flowers come in will vary based upon the person that the flowers are going to, that means that the colour will be dictated by the name on the card and the occasion too. The box you see here in blue is simply for display purposes only.

Another extremely popular product in our on sale category is our single red rose in a glass vase. The reason for this we believe is that it's a gift that can be sent to work pretty easily and as it comes in a vase therefore it requires very little care other than a little bit of water every few days.

To get the most out of this flower gift please ensure that when the water is changed the recipient also gives the vase a little scrub, if you need more information about how to care for flowers please refer to our flower guide in the footer of our website. This product is usually $50 but can be purchased today for just $38 which is a really incredible discount for this subtle yet striking Rose gift.

The last product we would like to discuss is our Floriade Bunch of flowers. Buying this online today you can save a whopping $16 or approximately 20% off the listed price. This bunch of flowers is particularly popular for birthdays and incredibly is one of our best selling Mother's Day bunches of flowers.

Buying guide for this flower category - what flowers should I buy?

For a Birthday's: If you're buying flowers for someone's birthday we would advise either the Floriade Bunch of flowers, or our Bright Mixed Arrangement with sparkling wine.

For romance: If you are looking for a little romance in your life and would like to express your love for someone we would recommend a few products in this cool category that should do that for you just nicely. The first product we recommend and we recommend is our Three Red Roses In A Glass Vase product, or our Blue Mist Arrangement. Both these flower products come in either a vase or a box therefore are a really cool gift and that requires little maintenance.

Like always we would like to remind you that all the flowers and gifts that you see in our on sale category can be purchased for a same day delivery to any local business, home, or even like a hospital.