Pastel Bunch With Free Vase

Pastel Bunch With Free Vase

Mauve is a beautiful pale purple colour. It is dainty yet still regal, simple yet luxurious, calming yet encouraging. Mauve is a perfect shade for a flower as it highlights a blossom's delicate look yet powerful impact.

Just look at this bunch of blooms tinged in pastel purple hues. Lovely, isn't it? Lavender roses are gorgeously complemented with mauve lisianthus, soft pink gerberas, and immaculate white lilies. Fresh greens bring balance and depth to the soft yet imposing look of this arrangement.

We look at this stunning ensemble and see it as a thoughtful thank you flower gift for a special lady in your life. It could be your wife, mother or mother-in-law, your sister, best friend, or a former teacher or boss who became a great friend. The majestic colour palette of this arrangement can represent gratitude, wisdom, ambition, peace, and devotion.

And because this bunch of pastel flowers comes with a clear glass vase at no extra cost, you have a bit of cash to spare to add a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine. Order online and let us deliver your gift right on time.


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