Red Ruby Arrangement

Red Ruby Arrangement

Red roses in hues and textures of differing magnitude, but similar vibrancy. If you fancy yourself someone with who is determined to succeed, without upsetting anyone else and if you believe that you are a person who has an enthusiasm for life, then this Lily’s Florist arrangement–you will find–is definitely suited to your personality, and your lifestyle!

The thing that reigns true, throughout all the ages, is the fact that there’s an indisputable energy to the colour red. It is an energy that is able to transform this otherwise unassuming floral arrangement of lilies and emerald greens into the essence of desire, strength, and a passionate love. With a beauty, courage, and heat at the core of the symbolism associated with these red blooms, it’s no surprise that these rich, red blossoms know absolutely no restraint, with an adorable degree of defiance…



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