Rose Garden Arrangement

Rose Garden Arrangement

We would like to introduce you to our Rose Garden Arrangement. It has a real vintage feel about with with lush splashes of green, lilac, pastel pink, pink, lemon, and dark purple.

The arrangement features tightly packed multi-coloured roses with the above-mentioned colours, on backing of lush green leaves which dramatically accentuate the colours of the roses.

The roses are styled in a stunning box, that isn’t represented here, but will more reflect the occasion you are sending the flowers for. So, for example, if you are sending flowers to someone having a birthdays we will add the flowers a box that suits the occasion. We will know what the occasion is by the card message you leave when ordering your flowers.

The is a highly spirited arrangement that is as traditional as it is mysterious and is highly recommended.

Florist Tip: Gently spray the rose petals with a light film of hairspray. Don’t spray on the high side of the petals, but rather spray on the underside, and spray from around 50 centimetres away.



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