3 Wrapped Gerberas

3 Wrapped Gerberas

This bouquet features three lovingly wrapped mixed coloured gerbera daisies. The colour of the paper will usually be indicative of the occasion that the flowers have been ordered for. Likewise, the colour of the gerberas will also reflect the occasion. For example, if the flowers are for an anniversary gift it's most likely that the gerberas would favour pink colours.

Can I get these delivered today?

Provided that you get this flower order in to us today before 2 p.m. yes you can have this delivered today. Please ensure that when you order you have all the recipient’s details including their phone number.

We would like to share with you a couple of fun facts about gerbera daisies. The first is that Gerber daisies happen to be one of the longest lasting vase flowers, we refer to this as vase life. The next fact is more about flower longevity and that is that when you have added your gerberas to advise be sure to have them not sitting too close to fresh fruit that may be in a bowl in the kitchen, oddly gerbera daisies seem to absorb the gases emitted by fruit thereby inhibiting the vase life of them.


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