6 Red Roses Bunch

6 Red Roses Bunch

When was the last time you sent her flowers? Can't remember? Hurry and surprise your loved one today with this gorgeous bunch of six handpicked roses in rich red hue.

Want to send it to your lady's place of work? Sure, we can take care of that! A romantic bouquet of red roses is sure to be a welcome surprise. Your wife or girlfriend will definitely be impressed with your sweet gesture and she will certainly be delighted to show off your stunning gift to her co-workers.

You may want to add a box of chocolates or a keepsake teddy bear, plus a handwritten love letter maybe, to further sweeten up your gift. Such romantic floral package would be the perfect present to celebrate your years of togetherness and remember how your young, sweet love weathered love's storms and life's ups and downs.

We believe that part of the secrets to a lasting relationship are small acts of love that make your partner feel cherished. This floral ensemble is one that does just that.


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